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On Friday, December 13, the Faculty Senate had their final meeting of the fall semester at 3 p.m. in University Center 2219-2220. During this meeting, the Faculty Senate discussed a variety of issues including four new policies related to the implementation of CORE 39, and a resolution pertaining to Indiana House Joint Resolution 6 (HJR-6).

The Faculty Senate members discussed HJR-6 and after a majority vote, gave the following statement:

The Faculty Senate at the University of Southern Indiana recognizes the controversial nature of House Joint Resolution 6. While we respect the differing opinions surrounding it, we believe this bill is not consistent with the best interests of the faculty, staff and students of USI. To attract and retain the most talented personnel, as well as to promote our expressly stated values of diversity, inclusion and understanding, USI needs to foster an envorinment that welcomes everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status. These values are already reflected in our policy towards same-sex domestic partners. Both the policy and the underlying values are threatened by HJR-6. Accordingly, the Faculty Senate opposes the adoption of House Joint Resolution 6, and we encourage both the administration at USI and the Indiana General Assembly to do the same. 

Feel free to read more in a student report in The Shield, USI's student paper.





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