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The Assessment Committee is composed of one faculty representative from each academic college and one at-large member. The executive director of the Office of Planning, Research, and Assessment shall be an ex-officio member of the committee. Other ex-officio members may be appointed by the president. The functions of the committee are:

  • To study and evaluate student learning outcomes and program assessment needs of the University.

  • To facilitate the review of existing assessment practices and measures, monitor their effectiveness, and offer suggestions for their modification, as appropriate; and

  • To make recommendations for planning, policy development, and rewivew regarding assessment activities within the University.



Committee Members

  • Julian Davis
    Dr. Julian Davis
    Assistant Professor of Engineering
    Business and Engineering Center 2030
    Phone: 812-461-5489
  • Tamara Hunt
    Dr. Tamara Hunt
    Professor of History
    Liberal Arts Center 3037
    Phone: 812-465-1202
  • Sheri Keenan
    Dr. Sheri Keenan
    Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
    Liberal Arts Center 3022
    Phone: 812-228-5138
  • Carl Saxby
    Dr. Carl Saxby
    Associate Professor of Marketing
    Business and Engineering Center 3004
    Phone: 812-464-1806
  • Jennifer Titzer
    Dr. Jennifer Titzer
    Lecturer - Nursing and Health Professions
    Health Professions Center 2114
    Phone: 812-461-5226

Ex-Officio Members

  • Katherine Draughon
    Dr. Katherine Draughon
    Executive Director of Planning, Research, and Assessment
    Associate Professor of Sociology
    Byron C. Wright Administration Building 104E
    Phone: 812-465-1630
  • Dane Partridge
    Dr. Dane Partridge
    Associate Professor of Management
    Director of University Core Curriculum Assessment
    Business and Engineering Center 2055
    Phone: 812-465-7085
  • Marna Hostetler
    Ms. Marna Hostetler
    Director of Library
    David L. Rice Library 2028
    Phone: 812-464-1826

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