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Economic Benefits

The Economic Benefits Committee is composed of one faculty representative from each academic college. The president may appoint ex-officio members to the committee. Functions of the committee are:

  • To make a continuing study of the faculty salary and benefit patterns in American universities and relate these data to the University. 

  • To review the structure of the faculty salary and benefit recommendations for the previous year and to recommend the ranges of increments for the following year.



  • Joy Cook
    Mrs. Joy Cook
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiologic and Imaging Sciences
    Health Professions Center 2116
    Phone: 812-465-1183
Committee Members
  • Richard Bennett
    Dr. Richard Bennett
    Assistant Professor of Biology
    Science Center 1276
    Phone: 812-228-5078
  • Jason Hardgrave
    Dr. Jason Hardgrave
    Associate Professor of History
    Chair of History Department
    Liberal Arts Center 3031
    Phone: 812-465-1221
  • Duy Hinh Khieu
    Dr. Duy Hinh Khieu
    Assistant Professor of Finance
    Business and Engineering Center 2038
    Phone: 812-465-7145
  • Thomas McDonald
    Dr. Thomas McDonald
    Assistant Professor of Engineering
    Business and Engineering Center 2022
    Phone: 812-228-5080
  • D'Arcy Reynolds
    Dr. D'Arcy Reynolds
    Assistant Professor of Psychology
    Liberal Arts Center 3101
    Phone: 812-461-5242
  • Gina Schaar
    Dr. Gina Schaar
    Assistant Professor of Nursing
    Health Professions Center 2108
    Phone: 812-464-1986
  • Donna Evinger
    Ms. Donna Evinger
    Director of Human Resources
    Forum Wing, Administration Building 159
    Phone: 812-464-1770

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