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Faculty Grievance and Hearing

The Faculty Grievance and Hearing Committee shall be composed of one faculty representative elected from each academic college. One alternate from each academic college shall also be elected.

All faculty representatives and alternates shall be chosen from among the tenured faculty. Members deeming themselves disqualified for bias, prejudice, or interest shall be removed from the case on their own initiative. In the event both representatives of a College are disqualified, one member shall be chosen from the remaining list of alternates.

In addition, the initiator and the respondent each may exclude one member from the slate of prospective committee members. The hearing may be conducted by a committee of no less than three members. In the event of a four-member committee, the chair of the committee, selected by the committee from its membership, shall be a non-voting member. The chair shall be responsible for conducting meetings and issuing all communication on behalf of the committee.

The Grievance and Hearing Committee serves the following functions:

  • To provide a formal hearing for any faculty member whose grievance (as defined in Item III, Faculty and Academic Policies under Procedures for Amelioration and Reconciliation of a Grievance; I. Definitions) has not been resolved informally and who wishes a formal hearing before his/her peers;

  • To ensure a fair, effective, and expeditious investigation. Recognizing the potential difficulty in conducting a hearing during the summer due to the unavailability of faculty, hearings will be conducted during the academic year; and

  • To report its findings of the grievance to the Faculty Senate, who will transmit the findings to the initiator, the respondent, the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs and the president. 


  • Niharika Banerjea
    Dr. Niharika Banerjea
    Associate Professor of Sociology
    Liberal Arts Center 3018
    Phone: 812-465-7052
  • Claudine Fairchild
    Ms. Claudine Fairchild
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
    Chair of Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
    Health Professions Center 2148
    Phone: 812-464-1994
  • Joyce Gulley
    Dr. Joyce Gulley
    Associate Professor of Education
    Education Center 3122
    Phone: 812-464-1820
  • Brian McGuire
    Dr. Brian McGuire
    Professor of Accounting
    Associate Dean of the College of Business
    Director of Accounting Programs
    Business and Engineering Center 1021
    Phone: 812-465-7031
At-Large Members
  • Kevin Valadares
    Dr. Kevin Valadares
    Associate Professor of Health Services
    Chair of Health Administration
    Health Professions Center 2147
    Phone: 812-461-5277
Ex-Officio Members
  • Ronald Rochon
    Dr. Ronald Rochon
    Professor of Education
    Byron C. Wright Administration Building 103B
    Phone: 812-465-1617
  • Katherine Draughon
    Dr. Katherine Draughon
    Executive Director of Planning, Research, and Assessment
    Associate Professor of Sociology
    Byron C. Wright Administration Building 104E
    Phone: 812-465-1630


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