University of Southern Indiana

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee is composed of a faculty member appointed from each academic college by the Faculty Senate, one At-Large member, and three student members appointed by the Student Government Association. The president may appoint ex-officio members to the committee. Functions of the committee are:

  • To review and recommend general University policies dealing with:
    1. Admissions, retention, and academic standards.
    2. University scholarships, awards, and honors.
    3. Student orientation toward academic life.
    4. Student assessment of the total learning environment.
    5. Student academic advisement.
    6. Student appeals related to behavior with respect to curriculum and instruction.
  • To make final decisions in the appeal cases of students denied admission or readmission through ordinary University channels.

  • To select the recipients of University-wide awards, including the President's Medal.


  • Edward Rehkopf
    Dr. Edward Rehkopf
    Associate Professor of Mathematics
    Associate Chair of Mathematics Department
    Science Center 3267
    Phone: 812-461-5439
Committee Members
  • Swateja Nimkar
    Dr. Swateja Nimkar
    Assistant Professor of Health Services
    Health Professions Center 2115
    Phone: 812-465-1158
  • Norma Rosas Mayén
    Dr. Norma Rosas Mayén
    Associate Professor of Spanish
    Liberal Arts Center 3069
    Phone: 812-465-7019

*  In 2014-2015 the Student Affairs Committee returned to five members. 

     The next at-large election will be held for the 2015-2017 term.


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