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Tax Filers

Student Financial Assistance CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT personal copies of Federal Tax Returns. If you have not already used the IRS Data Retrieval tool when initially filing the FAFSA or making corrections, go to, log in to your FAFSA record, select "Make FAFSA Corrections" and navigate to the Financial Information section of the form. From there, follow the instructions to determine if you and/or your parent(s) are eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer IRS income tax information into the FAFSA. This option will streamline and expedite the processing of your financial aid application.

Generally it takes two to three weeks for IRS income information to become available for use with the IRS Data Retrieval Tool for electronic IRS tax return filers, and eight to eleven weeks for paper IRS tax return filers.


For more information, view the Simple Steps to Transfer Tax Information Into Your FAFSA.

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool cannot be used in the following circumstances:

  • Students/Parents who are married and filed separate federal tax returns
    Submit an IRS Tax Return Transcript for parent and spouse or student and spouse.

  • Students/Parents who have filed an amended federal tax return
    Submit a copy of the IRS Tax Return Transcript, a signed copy of the original Federal Tax Return AND a signed copy of the 1040X.

  • Students/Parents whose marital status has changed after December 31
    Submit an IRS Tax Return Transcript and copies of all W-2(s) and 1099(s).

  • Students/Parents who did not and will not file a Federal Tax Return
    Submit copies of all W-2s. (If there is conflicting information you may be required to submit Verification of Non-Filing obtained from the IRS.)

  • Students/Parents who have filed a foreign tax return
    Submit a signed copy of the foreign tax return.

  • Students/Parents who were victims of tax administration identity theft
    A victim of tax administration identity theft must contact the IRS at 1-800-908-4490. Upon authentication of the tax filer’s identity, the IRS will provide, by U.S. Postal Service, the Tax Return DataBase View (TRDBV) transcript. You must submit a copy of the TRDBV and a statement signed and dated by the tax filer indicating that he or she was a victim of IRS tax-related identity theft and has been made aware of the tax-related identity theft.

Applicants who are selected for verification and do not or cannot use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool or who transfer IRS data but change it will be required to submit an IRS Tax Return Transcript (obtained directly from the IRS).

Generally it takes two to three weeks for the IRS Tax Return Transcript to be available, and eight to eleven weeks for paper IRS tax return filers.

  • Make sure that the student's name and USI student ID number (or Social Security Number if ID number unknown) are written on all pages.


If you, your spouse or your parent(s) did not and were not required to file a Federal Tax Return. You must check the appropriate box on the Verification Worksheet and complete the "Income Information" section. List any prior year income and the source(s) and attach all W-2s. Non-Filers are required to provide W-2s if they worked. If you cannot provide your W-2s, you will need to provide a detailed reason as to why you cannot. If you did not work, please explain in this section how you supported yourself.

If there is conflicting information our office will require documentation from the IRS called Verification of Non-Filing that proves that you did not file Federal Tax Returns. To download and print the Verification of Non-Filing immediately or to have it mailed to the address on record visit the IRS website

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