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Here & Now Fund provides leadership training for AMIGOs


As a freshman at the University of Southern Indiana, I was not involved with campus organizations and hardly knew anyone at USI. I am a shy person and it wasn’t easy making friends. This year, as a sophomore, I joined the AMIGO organization, and it has impacted me tremendously. Being an AMIGO provides me the opportunity to network at USI, and has helped me develop greater confidence and communication skills – not to mention relationships that I would never have established in the absence of my involvement. From day one I was welcomed into my new AMIGO family.

The benefits that come from participation with campus organizations, such as the AMIGO program, are endless. I hope you will support USI and students like me by giving to the USI Annual Fund. The Annual Fund benefits all students by providing funding for leadership training, such as the O’Daniel Leadership Academy (attended by all AMIGOs), and technology that is accessible to all students on campus.

I invite you to make a gift to the Here & Now Fund. Join the Centennial Club with a gift of $48 – a dollar for each year since USI was founded in 1965. Thank you for your gift and for paving the way for new AMIGOs like myself!


 Baswell Brooke

Brooke Braswell ’15
Sophomore cardiac ultrasound major and AMIGO

The AMIGOs are an elite group of student leaders to whom new student look to for a support network during the transition from high school to college. The AMIGOs actively participate in new student orientations and Welcome Week activities. During orientation, an AMIGO’s duties can range from giving presentations to small groups in each of the colleges about things such as the course bulletin, meeting with an advisor to plan a class schedule, and ways to get involved, to providing a student’s perspective to questions that parents may have, or just helping with directions on campus.

To support the AMIGOs and other student development groups, give to the Here & Now Fund today.

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