University of Southern Indiana

Providing Ongoing Annual Support

Annual Fund Support

Student2The USI Annual Fund blends unrestricted gifts into an important resource for the University’s most pressing needs. From the Annual Fund’s inception in 1968, unrestricted gifts have helped USI provide a margin of excellence not possible through state appropriations or student fees. For over four decades, the USI Annual Fund has provided seed money for vital programs. These programs ensure quality, respond to opportunities, and support the USI Foundation’s annual operating budget, as well as a portion of campaign expenses. Included have been start-up funds for programs such as the Presidential Scholarships and new academic initiatives such as the engineering major and the innovative Repertory Theatre. USI relies on the continuing generosity of its loyal alumni and friends for these unrestricted gifts. A thriving university and a successful campaign must manage both current and future needs; therefore annual support must be ongoing during a capital campaign. A total of $8 million is needed over the five-year campaign period. (Strategic Plan Goals #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6)

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