University of Southern Indiana

Strategic Plan


Goals and Strategies

#1 Enhance experiential learning opportunities

Key Strategies

  • Promote and more fully integrate community and global experience in the academic curriculum

  • Increase internships, co-op, study abroad, and community engagement

  • Accurately track and measure the experiences of students

#2 Increase the graduation rate

Key Strategies

  • Provide consistent, effective advising across campus to increase accountability and ensure students are on track to graduate

  • Provide more flexible ways to gain a degree

  • Develop an effective framework for student recruitment and retention

  • Increase on-campus job opportunities for students who need financial assistance

#3 Preserve and nurture our campus community

Key Strategies

  • Support the health, well being, and quality of life of our campus community

  • Build connections across campus, the buildings, and disciplines

  • Provide ongoing development for faculty, staff, and students

#4 Provide leadership to Indiana and the region

Key Strategies

  • Supply collaborative expertise and applied research for issues impacting the region

  • Make it easier for people to engage with our resources and/or capabilities

  • Elevate our visibility to a level more appropriate to the University's accomplishments and impact in higher education and on the economy

#5 Increase the diversity of faculty, staff, and student body

Key Strategies

  • Develop activities and experiences that promote diversity as a value

  • Enhance support networks for faculty, staff, and students of diverse backgrounds, including first-generation status

  • Provide international programming for faculty and students

#6 Become a 24/7 campus

Key Strategies

  • Engage students in the process of developing a "full-time" campus

  • Identify and facilitate activities, spaces, programs, and services to offer during nontraditional hours

  • Encourage students to be deliberate in their co-curricular activities

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