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An endowment is the perfect way to provide a perpetual legacy and to provide needed financial support to any area of the University you care about, and to do so forever.

From academic scholarships, to Historic New Harmony, to any athletic endeavor, virtually any area of need on campus can be supported with a tax-deductible endowment gift to the USI Foundation.

A minimum endowment with USI Foundation is $12,500. This amount forms the corpus of the John A. and Jane B. Smith Endowment. These monies are invested according to USI Foundation policies. The current spending policy is 4.25 percent. The annual distributions begin about 18 months after the endowment reaches the minimum level.

A $12,500 endowment produces approximately $500 in its first year of distributions. A $25,000 endowment produces approximately $1,000 in its first year of distributions. As the principal of the corpus grows, the annual distribution keeps up with inflation so that whatever the amount of the distribution is on a $12,500 endowment 50 years from now it would be comparable to $500 in today’s money.

Some alumni and friends decide to make a $1,500 gift over several years so $500 is applied to the John A. and Jane B. Smith Endowment as an outright award to a current student. The remaining $1,000 is assigned to the endowment. In 13 years the endowment goal of $12,500 is reached, you will have been helping students each year, and now your endowment is established in perpetuity and in approximately 18 months the endowment will produce a $500 distribution.

You can always make additional gifts to increase the amount of their endowment, as can family members and friends.

Endowments can be established in the name of the donor(s) or in memory of a person(s) the donor(s) wish to honor with a perpetual gift.

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