University of Southern Indiana

Faculty and Staff

M. Jane Swartz
Dr. M. Jane Swartz
Contract Assistant Professor of Nursing
Director, Center for Health Professions Lifelong Learning
Contact: 812-465-1162
Health Professions Center 2123
Mary Allen
Mrs. Mary Allen
Coordinator of Continuing Education – Nursing and Health Professions
Contact: 812-461-5458
Health Professions Center 2053
Angie Bledsoe
Mrs. Angie Bledsoe
Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-461-5217
Health Professions Center 2145

Program Faculty

Emily Holt
Mrs. Emily Holt
Clinical Associate Professor of Dental Hygiene/Assisting
Contact: 812-461-5395
Health Professions Center 2051
Sue Krieg
Mrs. Sue Krieg
Instructor in Nursing
Contact: 812-465-1284
Health Professions Center 2050
Ruth Metzger
Ms. Ruth Metzger
Grant Writer and Coordinator of Interprofessional Education
Adjunct - Nursing and Health Professions
Contact: 812-228-5064
Health Professions Center 2142
Kimberly Parsons
Dr. Kimberly Parsons
Assistant Professor of Dental Assisting
Chair of Dental Assisting
Chair of Dental Hygiene
Contact: 812-228-5050
Health Professions Center 2055
Julie St. Clair
Ms. Julie St. Clair
Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Contact: 812-465-1169
Health Professions Center 2047
Constance Swenty
Dr. Constance Swenty
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Director of Nursing
Contact: 812-461-5408
Health Professions Center 2096
S. Beth Thompson
Mrs. S. Beth Thompson
Director of Instructional Resources & Simulation
Adjunct - Nursing and Health Professions
Contact: 812-464-1805
Health Professions Center 2030
Colleen Walsh
Dr. Colleen Walsh
Contract Assistant Professor of Nursing
Contact: 812-465-1154
Health Professions Center 2062
Melissa Warthen
Ms. Melissa Warthen
Instructor in Nursing
Contact: 812-465-1174
Health Professions Center
Gabriela Mustata Wilson
Dr. Gabriela Mustata Wilson
Associate Professor of Health Services/Administration
Contact: 812-464-1731
Health Professions Center 2048
Dawn Worman
Mrs. Dawn Worman
Instructor in Nursing
Contact: 812-228-5159
Health Professions Center 2124

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