University of Southern Indiana

Health Services Internship - HP480

The internship offers students in Health Administration, Public Health, Worksite Wellness, Gerontology and Long Term Care Administration the opportunity to apply the theories and skill sets learned in the classroom to the real world of healthcare. The internship is completed under the supervision of a qualified and experienced healthcare professional in the community setting. The chance to observe and share in the knowledge base of those already working in the field offers students a bridge between the academic setting and the work world.

All internships are offered in conjunction with Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) guidelines.  For complete information about an Internship in Health Services, please read:

Health Services Internship Handbook - pdf

The application should be completed and returned to the Health Services Office in HP2145. Those applying for a second internship must also follow these steps.

Complete application by:

  • March 1 for Summer internships
  • May 1 for Fall internships
  • October 1 for Spring internships

Health Services Intership Application - pdf

No late applications will be accepted


  • Admitted to a Health Services Specialty Track
  • 2.75 GPA
  • Successfully Complete Health Services Core (HP211, HP302, HP356, GERO215, PH284) with a C or higher.
  • Senior Status (>93 hours)
  • Permission of Faculty Internship Sponsor & Career Services Mentor

Steps to an Internship Prior to Release for Registration for HP480:

  1. Complete and submit application

  2. Make appointment with Career Services
    • Before or during the month of March for a Summer internship
    • Before or during the month of May for a Fall internship
    • Before or during the month of October for a Spring internship
  3. Secure Internship with Site Supervisor

  4. Enroll and complete Certified Background Profile

Questions?  Please contact:

Dr. Ethel Elkins   Kathy Weinzapfel Jordan Wolf
Faculty Sponsor OR Internship Mentor OR Certified Background Coordinator
(812) 461-5490 (812) 464-1865 (812)461-5334
 HP 2044    Orr Center 074 HP 2145



Contact Dr. Frank Ward, Jr.
Send Email to