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Celebrating the Spirit of Leadership: Week Three
We continue to roll right along with week three of leadership recognition!  As our third feature in the "Celebrating the Spirit of Leadership" series, it is time to feature Kody Russelburg!  Accompanying Kody in his spotlight picture is Carlos Caballero-Ramirez, becoming the first back-to-back feature in the "Spirit of Leadership" series.  Thank you to Kody for his contributions to the USI Master of Health Administration program and his cooperation.

Celebrating the Spirit of Leadership: Week Two
Continuing with the USI Master of Health Administration's "Celebrating the Spirit of Leadership" series, we would like to feature Carlos Caballero-Ramirez!  Carlos is an outstanding and outgoing MHA student that we are very proud to have in the program.  The USI Master of Health Administration program would like to thank him for his efforts and wish him the best of luck and success moving forward!

Carlos Caballero-Ramirez

Service Learning Through Collaboration
USI Master of Health Administration and the American Red Cross
Dr. Jennifer Williams

The American Red Cross is excited to partner with the University of Southern Indiana Master of Health Administration Program. This service-learning engagement will focus on the concepts of marketing and competitive strategies, forecasting service demand and analyzing the competitive environment using market research, advertising, and public relations data, all of which aligns with the MHA 625 Strategic Planning Course.  

This service-learning engagement will be led by Dr. Jennifer Williams, an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Indiana. With over two decades of experience in both healthcare and the related field of market access, she possesses key insight into every step of the healthcare product manufacturing process, from the initial conceptualization of ideas to the point at which the product meets the populace via commercialization. 

Service-learning is an educational approach that combines scholarly objectives with community service for the purpose of providing a pragmatic and progressive learning experience that meets the needs of both the students involved and the society in which they live. It functions by placing students into service projects, wherein they apply classroom methodology for local agencies whose purpose is to effect positive change in the community. The National Youth Leadership Council defines service-learning as "a philosophy, pedagogy, and model for community development that is used as an instructional strategy to meet learning goals and/or content standards.”

It will fall upon the graduate students to provide support and guidance in furthering the Mission and the Vision of the American Red Cross through their service-learning donation. More importantly. this project will offer unique opportunities for students to learn through direct experience, and, in this way, to create a link between their academic studies and the world at large.

The class will find creative ways to increase the visibility of the American Red Cross. This will be accomplished by using marketing techniques, communications channels, and outreach efforts to educate the community about who we are, what we do, and, perhaps most importantly, how we can inspire a “call to action” for individuals and groups to offer their time as future volunteers of the American Red Cross.

All of the aforementioned is implemented with the intent of augmenting the American Red Cross recruitment efforts, and as motivation to participants to load their volunteer hours. The students will find ways to positively impact the Net Promoter Score (NPS): the industry standard for measuring the willingness of individuals to recommend an organization as a place to volunteer. This score is used as a proxy for gauging the overall level of satisfaction with which volunteers come away from the organization. This factor is then connected with how likely they would be to recommend the organization to others in the community.

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