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RN-BSN Curriculum


What classes will I need to take?

RN-BSN students must complete:

The RN-BSN curriculum includes general education courses, required non-nursing courses, and nursing courses. You can receive up to 36 credits for nursing classes from your ASN or Diploma program. Many of the classes you have already taken will transfer into USI and will meet some of the program requirements. 

RN-BSN Curriculum:

  • University Core (Core 39) Curriculum Requirements - See list of classes that meet these requirements: Core 39
    • Core 39 requirements include some classes specifically required by the program:
      • English I & II
      • Speech
      • Introduction to psychology
      • Social science (sociology)
      • Anatomy & Physiology I & II
      • Nutrition (test-out available)
      • Ethics
  •  Required Non-Nursing Classes
    • Medical Microbiology
    • Statistics
  • Nursing Classes:
    • 26 credits of nursing classes which build on your previous nursing classes and professional experience.
    • Up to 36 credits for previous nursing classes
  • RN-BSN Nursing classes:
    • NURS 267 - Health Assessment for RNs Credits: 3*
    • NURS 367 - Application of Evidence Based Practice Credits: 3
    • NURS 451 - Transition to Advanced Nursing Practice Credits: 3
    • NURS 457 - Population-Focused Care for RN Credits: 4*
    • IPH 401 - Interprofessional Perspective on Global Health Credits: 3
    • NURS 487 - Leadership in Nursing & Healthcare Organizations Credits: 6*
    • NURS 492 - Clinical Synthesis Credits: 4*
  • Nursing Elective Classes: Two electives are required that support professional nursing practice.  Transfer courses may meet this requirement.

* The University of Southern Indiana provides opportunities for RN students progressing toward a BSN degree to receive credit for previous professional experience. Students may receive credit for professional certification, previous clinical experiences and/or expertise. There are opportunities for partial or complete validation of courses through current certification, portfolio or testing.

Students must complete all course and clinical requirements for at least one of the three clinical courses.

Minimum of 30 credits earned at USI required for BSN degree

Total: 120 credits

Individualized study plans will be developed to fit your life: one class at a time, full time, or anything in between.

What transfers in from my ADN or Diploma Nursing Program?

  • Nursing credits: Up to 36 hours of Departmental Credit will be offered for the ASN or Diploma Nursing courses with a valid RN License and acceptance to the RN-BSN Program.
  • Support classes: Many of your support classes taken during your ASN or diploma program will transfer in and meet university requirements.
    • Use TESS to determine how your courses will transfer to USI.


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