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International Block Week

During the Block Week experience, USI and Hochschule students will compare healthcare systems, tour local and regional healthcare facilities, and exchange cultural information. The goal of this collaborative experience is to provide an opportunity for students of both countries to come to a new understanding of global health by working, studying, and socializing together. It will also provide the opportunity for cultural immersion for all the students.

The success of this program is based on merging U.S. and German students together in terms of discussion and intercultural experiences. The academic portion of the Block Week will be led by Dr. Ethel Elkins, USI assistant professor of Health Services, while Professor Hendrike Berger of the Hochschule will facilitate the cultural portion. Seminar Description

During International Block Week, the seminar, Comparative Health and Welfare Systems (Germany and the U.S.): Appreciating the Similarities and Differences, will focus on comparing and contrasting the systems of both countries from five perspectives: quality, access, efficiency, equity, and politics. The seminar will include lectures, videos, site visits, and case studies that the students will work on collaboratively. Students will work on projects throughout the academic week, culminating in joint presentations at the end of each week. These projects/cases will cover a number of health management topics, including economics, finance, ethics, and inequalities.

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