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Call Center (After Hours)

University Health Center / Deaconess Call Center
For after hours needs, you may call the Health Information Line directly, the number is 812/450-8063, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If there is any problem with using the Health Information Line, please call 812/450-5000.

Students can access the Health Information Line from any touch tone phone. Using the phone you are able to privately listen to a variety of healthcare topics. There is no obligation to speak with anyone to receive the information, especially about sensitive issues. If at the end of the topic, you would like to speak to someone, you may press the star key to speak with an RN on call. If at the end of the topic, you would like to listen to another topic, simply press the next selection.

The following is a description list of the navigational keys available to you:

These are pre-determined keys that replay, stop, transfer, skip, move forward, and jump through recorded information.

# Ends the Call
* Accesses a live person
1 Pauses message for 15 seconds,
1 to continue the message
2 Replays last 6 seconds of the message, pressing 2 twice starts at the beginning
3 Forwards the message 6 seconds
4 Terminates the message, then transfers the caller to category selection
5 Terminates the message, then advances the caller to the next module
7 Replays the message, from the beginning
8 Returns the message to normal volume
9 Increases the volume

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