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Each year, USI students create Spirit Teams and compete in the Homecoming Spirit Competition to be number one in school spirit! The Spirit Competition challenges our student groups to show their spirit through participation in Homecoming events and two judged competitions.  Register your team here! Deadline to register is January 27, 2017 at noon.

Spirit Competition Point System:

Register your Spirit Team  (5 participation points)

Limit your team roster to twenty (20) students
If you are a member of a larger student organization, you can create two teams for that organization.  Make sure that the group names are not duplicated (i.e. Basket Weaving Club #1 and Basket Weaving Club #2; instead use Basket Weaving Divas and Superheroes of Basket Weaving). Be creative! 

Homecoming Banners (50 participation points)

  • Paint a twin-sized bed sheet and put your organization’s twist on the Homecoming theme: “Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle”.  Banners are due to Student Development Programs (UC East 1256) Monday, Jauary 30 at 12pm.
  • The banner competition will be judged by the 2017 Homecoming Committee, Court, and other individuals. 
  • The first place team of the Homecoming Banner competition will receive 20 bonus points, second place 10 points, and third place 5 points.
  • Organizations can NOT promote an individual candidate on their spirit competition banner. That is considered campaigning, which is against campaign policies.

Craziest Fan Contest (50 participation points)

  • Up to TEN (10) team members may participate in the Student Alumni Association Craziest Fan competition at the game Thursday, February 2.  Participants may compete as individuals or as a group (no larger than 10).  Participants are encouraged to dress up, paint their faces, and bring their voices to get the crowds excited in support of their Screaming Eagles!
  • The winner of the Craziest Fan Competition will be announced by the Student Alumni Association at the game.
  • The winning team will earn an extra 10 bonus points.
  • Each team MUST have their picture taken at the game and then emailed to  by noon on February 3, 2017.

Eagle Scavenger Hunt (25 participation points earned daily per participating team)

  • Each day the first clue will be posted at noon (12pm) via Student Development Programs’ Facebook and Twitter.  The first clue will lead to a second clue.  Upon arrival of the second clue’s location, please print the initials of your team name on the piece of paper provided.  Your team must initial the paper to receive participation points for that day. 
  • The clue will lead to a campus department or office, which is where one Eagle stuffed animal will be located. 
  • For each day of the Scavenger Hunt, the first team to obtain the Eagle AND return it to Student Development Programs (UC East 1256) will earn 10 bonus.

Homecoming Facebook Page  (5 participation Points)

  • Each team will need to create ONE post on the USI Homecoming Facebook page.
  • The post must list the team name, promote USI School Spirit, and be creative!
  • Posts cannot be created any earlier than Monday, January 30, 2017.
  • Posts CANNOT promote candidates for Homecoming Court and should not include any inappropriate content.
  • The team who receives the most likes to their team’s post by 12:00pm on Friday, February 3 will receive a bonus 20 points and the post with the most creativity will be awarded 10 bonus points.

The winning team of the Spirit Competition will be announced at the Homecoming Game on Saturday February 4th.  

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