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Honors Faculty Council

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The Honors Faculty Council acts as the principal advisory body to the director of the Honors Program at the University of Southern Indiana. The Honors Faculty Council assists the Honors Director in designing and implementing the Honors Program's curriculum and programs, as well as recruitment and retention practices. 

The Honors Faculty Council consists of the director of the Honors Program, who serves as chair; at least two representatives from each academic college, appointed by the college; and three student representatives from the Honors Student Council, recommended by the director of the Honors Program. Representatives serve two-year terms and may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Honors Faculty Council Members

Antonina Bambina
Dr. Antonina Bambina
Director of Honors Program
Affiliate Assistant Professor of Sociology
Contact: 812-461-5357
Robert D. Orr Center 1070
Shelly Blunt
Dr. Shelly Blunt
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Contact: 812-465-1617
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 103A
Romain College of Business
Virginia Weiler
Ms. Virginia Weiler
Instructor in Marketing
Contact: 812-228-5057
Business and Engineering Center 2071
College of Liberal Arts
Daniel Bauer
Dr. Daniel Bauer
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Contact: 812-465-7065
Liberal Arts Center 3018
College of Nursing and Health Professions
Katherine Peak
Mrs. Katherine Peak
Instructor in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences
Contact: 812-228-5160
Health Professions Center 2138
Robin Smith
Mrs. Robin Smith
Instructor in Nursing
Contact: 812-228-5150
Health Professions Center 2091
Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education
Carrie Andersen
Ms. Carrie Andersen
Instructor in Mathematics
Coordinator of Mathematics Instructors
Contact: 812-461-5432
Science Center 3243
Honors Student Council Representatives

Tim Luczak
President of Honors Student Council

Leslie Sargent
Vice President of Honors Student Council

Mikayla Zeger
Secretary of Honors Student Council

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