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What Students are Saying about the Honors Program 

The Honors Program provides more than the opportunity to challenge students academically. It allows students to have fun and form friendships that will last beyond these few college years. For me, the Honors Program has offered a well-rounded education, in and out of the classroom.

Kaitlyn Griffin '13
Biology, German
Honors courses often have smaller class sizes and are more discussion-based. At the end of the semester, I feel closest to my Honors professors and classmates. Specifically, there was a sense of community in my Honors Living Learning Community classes that I wouldn't have experienced in general sections of core classes. 

Carrie Allison '12
Elementary Education
Living in the Honors LLC gives us the opportunity to be around other people with whom we can both study and have fun. We can easily study together for the classes in which we are all enrolled. The ability to discuss common interests and classes make the friendships I've made much stronger.

Meghann Reardon '14
For me, the Honors Student Assembly is one of the best parts of being in the Honors Program. I love going to the events because it's an easy way to get involved and spend time with a fun group of people!

Teddy Clunie '12

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