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HRL Organizational Chart

HRL Staff

Fall 2015 Organizational Chart

Desk Assistant
A desk assistant (DA) provides customer service at the Housing and Residence Life front desk.

Night Clerk
A night clerk is on duty between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. in the residence halls.  This person serves as a point of contact for staff and students throughout the night.

Programming Assistant
Programming assistants work with the assistant director of Programming to coordinate and implement events and activities for residents.

Residence Life Coordinator for Community Development
Provides administrative support in the following areas: student leadership, student learning, and academic success. Develops and fosters a community congruent with the departmental and University mission, goals, and core values.

Summer Services Assistant
A summer services assistant (SSA) works with summer camps and conferences as well as students who live on campus during the summer.

Resident Assistant (RA)
Resident Assistants (RAs) are student staff who live in housing facilities and have primary responsibility of working directly with students in Housing.  RAs help facilitate the social, educational, intellectual, and cultural opportunities and activities for residents, and provide assistance and support for personal, facility and other issues to residents living on campus.  Your RA is your first point of contact with Housing and Residence Life, so get to know this outstanding resource!

Graduate Assistant
Graduate assistants (GAs) are student staff pursuing a master's degree that work with various aspects such as conflict resolution.

Area Coordinator (AC)
Area Coordinators (ACs) are professional staff members that live in a specific area of Housing and Residence Life facilities.  ACs act as supervisors for a staff of RAs, plan and implement programs, manage the area facilities, and conduct meetings with students regarding policy violations.

Assistant Director of Student Conduct
The Assistant Director of Student Conduct is responsible for the conduct processes in Housing and Residence Life.  Educating students and staff about policy issues, conducting conduct meetings, and serving as primary liaison to the Dean of Students' office and the Office of Public Safety, the Assistant Director of Student Conduct works hard to ensure that the environment in campus housing facilities is conducive to the academic and personal success of our residents.

Assistant Director of Programming
The Assistant Director of Programming directs and enhances the programming efforts within Housing and Residence Life.  In addition, the Assistant Director advises student programming organizations in Housing and collaborates with other University departments on campus-wide programming.

Assistant Director of Business Operations
The Assistant Director of Business Operations is responsible for assignments, serves as the primary liaison with the Business Office and works closely with the Physical Plant regarding housing facilities.

Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life
The Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life is responsible for all Housing and Residence Life staffing (area coordinators, resident assistants), programming, activities, and student organizations in USI Housing and Residence Life.  The Associate Director helps ensure that residents have exposure to a wide variety of different events and programs at USI, and helps Housing and Residence Life partner with other offices on campus to bring activities and events to our residents.

Director of Housing and Residence Life
The Director of Housing and Residence Life is responsible for the overall operation of USI Housing and Residence Life.  Contracts, budgets, services, and long-term planning are all overseen by the Director on a continual basis in order to bring a high quality of service to all USI students.


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