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Room Change Request Letter

I Tried Talking to My Roommate….What Now??

Your RA is a valuable resource for you, when dealing with roommate issues. All RAs are trained and equipped with the skills necessary to help you achieve harmony in your room. RAs are by no means experts, but are helpful in situations where you need help communicating with your roommate(s).

Below are some situations in which you may want to consult with your RA:
- You are intimidated by your roommate(s).
- You are angry and not able to communicate effectively.
- When your roommate(s) don’t acknowledge that there is an issue.
- When you are concerned about your health and safety.
- When your roommate agreement has been broken.

When you talk with your RA, they will do their best to help you deal with all of the issues in your room. However, there are times where a room change may be the best outcome. If you have tried to talk with your roommate and you have consulted your RA to help and still experience issues, then your area coordinator may consider moving you to a new room/apartment. Room change requests can be made by submitting a Room Change Request through the Housing and Residence Life link on the University website. Once your room change request has been received by the area coordinator, you will meet with him/her.

It is the philosophy of Housing and Residence Life for students to actively work to resolve issues in their rooms before a room change is granted. If it is evident that you have done all that you can to resolve your issues, then a room change may be granted based on the availability of spaces.

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