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Inclement Weather Procedures

It is vital to your personal safety that you observe common sense safety precautions during inclement weather.


  • Log into myUSI and click the RAVEAlert icon on the Dashboard Channel to begin. 
  • USI RAVEAlert gives critical and timely warnings – via email, text message, and voice message – about emergencies, severe weather, and other incidents impacting the University community.
  • You can add additional emails, mobile numbers and landline numbers.

Reporting Emergencies

  • The quickest, easiest way to obtain help for any emergency is to call Public Safety at 812/492-7777.
  • If using a cell phone, call 812/464-1845 or 812/492-7777.
  • Stay calm and carefully explain the problem and location.

Midland Weather Radio
There is a weather radio in each on-campus apartment and residence hall suite. It is important for your safety that the University-provided weather radio remains in good working condition.  Please do not remove the batteries or disconnect the power.

Instructions for your Midland Weather Radio

  1. Make sure radio is “ON” (right side on/off button)
  2. Make sure the unit is plugged into the electric outlet (batteries are for back-up power only)
  3. Your radio is preset with surrounding counties (DO NOT try to reprogram the radio)
  4. To listen to the weather, press the “Weather/Snooze” button. To turn the weather off, press the “Weather/Snooze” button a second time.
  5. WEATHER ALERTS: Yellow Advisory Inclement weather is possible; Orange Watch Conditions are right for possible damaging storms; Red Warning Damaging storms—seek shelter

Snow Shovel Check Out
Snow shovels are available at the Community Center, Housing and Residence Life central office, Housing Services building, and residence halls’ front desks.  Residents may check out a shovel for use while they are on campus. Residents may not take the shovels with them to an off campus location. Shovels are the property of USI Housing and Residence Life.  Residents may check-out ONE snow shovel at a time.  If a resident would like to check-out a snow shovel they may do so with a desk assistant or night clerk.

If you are indoors, seek shelter in the lowest level of the building. Interior hallways or rooms AWAY FROM WINDOWS are preferable. If outdoors, take cover away from
power lines, buildings, and trees. After the tornado has passed, evaluate the situation. If you need emergency help, contact Public Safety at 812/492-7777.

Weather Sirens
The City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County operates an outdoor warning siren system.  This system consists of 22 sirens located throughout Evansville and Vanderburgh County. There is a weather siren located next to the Housing and Residence Life office. When the National Weather Service issues a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or a Tornado Warning,  the County Central Dispatch Center activates the sirens. The Outdoor Warning Sirens are operated by the Evansville/Vanderburgh County Central Dispatch.  The Emergency Management Agency is responsible for the administration, testing, and maintenance of the sirens.  Evansville/Vanderburgh County will activate warning sirens for any life-threatening emergency, including severe weather or hazardous chemical spills. Sirens are tested every Friday at 12pm noon, weather permitting. The sirens are an integral part of your weather awareness program, along with your NOAA Weather Radio, and your own 'eyes to the sky'. For more information about emergency management in Evansville, see

Stay Informed, Stay Safe!
USI will keep students informed via RAVEAlert and social media outlets such as TV, radio, Twitter and Facebook.

Local TV Stations

Channel            Station

Local Radio Stations

820 AM                   WSWI Radio
91.5 FM WUEV Radio
93.5 FM WJPS Radio
96.1 FM WSTO Radio
103.1 FM WGBF Radio
104.1 FM WIKY Radio
105.3 FM WYNG Radio
107.5 FM WBAX Radio

Important Phone Numbers

Public Safety 812/492-7777 emergency
Public Safety 812/464-1845 non-emergency
Housing and Residence Life 812/468-2000
Community Center Front Desk           812/468-2445
Police 911
Fire 911
Deaconess Hospital 812/450-5000
St. Mary's Hospital 812/485-4000

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