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Living on Campus

For more information about living on campus, please see the 2016-17 Resident Handbook and Guide to Campus Living.

When do classes begin?[Back to Top]
Fall semester classes begin on Monday, August 21, 2017.
Spring semester classes begin on Monday, January 8, 2018.

Can I have a car on campus? Is parking available?[Back to Top]
All residents are allowed to have cars on campus.

Apartment Residents
USI apartment residents may park in any marked parking space within the apartment complex to which they are assigned, except those spaces restricted by signage. Each apartment complex will have a colored tag associated with it. All residents must have a tag in order to park legally in these locations. Apartment complex residents may not park as a non-resident in other apartment complexes. After visiting hours, non-resident spaces revert to resident parking spaces and a tag for the area is required.

Apartment Visitors
An apartment complex visitor is defined as a person visiting who is not a resident of any apartment complex. Temporary visitor permits are required for overnight guests.

Residence Hall Residents
Residence hall students may park in designated campus lots, but not in the campus apartment complex areas. When visiting in the apartment complexes they may park only in the non-resident areas and only during posted visiting hours. Residence hall students are required to have a parking tag.

What are the guest hours for University Residences?[Back to Top]
Guests are required to be registered. Go to the housing icon via myUSI to find the guest registration form.

  • Sunday through Thursday—7 a.m. to Midnight
  • Friday and Saturday—7 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Guests of residents may park here.

How safe is campus housing?[Back to Top]
Housing and Residence Life strives to provide a safe environment. However, as with any community with a large number of people, it is best to take precautions such as locking doors and making sure your personal items are covered by your parent’s homeowner’s insurance policy or renter’s insurance.

Is there a campus safety escort program?[Back to Top]
Yes. Find more information about the security escort program.

Can I leave things in my room over breaks?[Back to Top]
Leaving belongings in your room is allowed for all breaks except summer break.

Can I stay in my room over breaks?[Back to Top]
University housing is closed from 6 p.m. December 13, 2017, through January 4, 2018. Mail service is held from December 23, 2017, through January 2, 2018.

Students wishing to stay during the winter break period must pay a $150 fee, sign up online by December 8, 2017, and provide a compelling reason for needing to remain in housing during the break period. Approvals have included requests such as involvement in University-sponsored events and international residency.

Any resident approved to stay over break will be charged $150. Housing rates are based on occupancy during the semester and do not cover the winter break period. Students who apply to stay during the winter break after December 8, 2017, will be charged $50. Students who are discovered living on campus without authorization may face disciplinary action along with an additional $300 fine.  

Residents with permanent addresses in Vanderburgh (IN), Warrick (IN), Henderson (KY), White (IL), Gallatin (IL), Posey (IN), or Gibson (IN) counties are not eligible to stay for the winter break period.

During summer break, residents are not allowed to stay in university housing without signing a summer housing contract and enrolling in summer classes. During all other breaks, housing will be open for residents.

Are there curfews in university housing?[Back to Top]
No, there are no curfews.

Can I smoke in my room?[Back to Top]
No. USI is a tobacoo free campus. For more information, see the University's tobacco free policy.

Where can I do laundry?[Back to Top]
All on-campus laundry facilities offer coin-operated laundry services, while some also offer card-controlled laundry (residents can pay for washing and drying with money you put on your Eagle Access Card).

Residence Halls
Laundry rooms are located on the second floor of each residence hall. All residence hall laundry facilities have debitek machines, which allow students to pay for their laundry with their Eagle Access Card!

O’Daniel South
A laundry room is located directly in the Residence Life Service Center behind the Office of Religious Life. The Residence Life Service Center has a debitek machine, which allows students to pay for their laundry with their Eagle Access Card.

O’Daniel North and McDonald West
A laundry room is located in the Residence Life Community Center. The Residence Life Community Center has a debitek machine, which allows students to pay for their laundry with their Eagle Access Card.

McDonald East
A washer and a dryer are located in the stairwell of each building. Residents who wish to use these laundry facilities will have to use quarters to pay for their laundry.

What do I do if I experience a problem with a washer or a dryer?[Back to Top]
If a resident experiences a problem with a washer or a dryer, he or she should report this to our laundry services provider, CoinMach, at 877/264-6622 or place a service request online. Residents should know his/her location and the machine number when placing a service request.

Residents can also download a service request app, scan the barcode from the broken washer or dryer to submit a service request. 

Do I need to clean my room?[Back to Top]
Residents are to keep a clean, habitable living space. If a resident’s room is not clean before check-out at the end of the academic year, he/she could be charged for excessive cleaning.

Is there anywhere I can cook?[Back to Top]
Each apartment has a kitchen, but there is nowhere to cook in the residence halls. The only cooking appliance allowed in the residence halls is a microwave. There are charcoal grills located around housing (only use Matchlight brand charcoal).

What can I do if I have roommate problems?[Back to Top]
Since living on campus is an opportunity to interact with diverse individuals, we encourage residents to talk with their roommates about any problems or concerns. After that option has been explored, residents can speak with their resident assistant to help resolve the problem. The RA, along with the area coordinator, will then make the decision whether or not a room change is necessary. Many times all roommates involved will sign a roommate agreement that sets basic guidelines for behavior. Room changes are granted on an individual and space available basis. To know when room changes take place, see the Room Change Schedule. The room change form can be found on myUSI via the housing icon.

Who can I contact if I have a specific question regarding my room and/or roommate?[Back to Top]
If a resident has specific questions other than who his/her roommate is and where his/her room is located, he/she can call Housing and Residence Life at 812-468-2000 or email .

Is there a campus bus service?[Back to Top]
Click to learn about the campus bus service or view the Campus Shuttle and METS West Connection bus routes.

Where can I go if I am ill?[Back to Top]
USI has a Student Health Center. There are also three hospitals in Evansville (Deaconess, St. Mary's and Deaconess Gateway).

Does financial aid cover the cost of housing and my meal plan?[Back to Top]
Depending on the type and amount of financial aid a resident receives, his/her housing and meal cost could be covered. Most loans and grants can be applied to housing and meal plans. Some scholarships may have restrictions. Residents should be sure to speak with their financial aid counselor and ensure their understanding of financial aid. Housing and Residence Life has no control over which types of financial aid cover housing and meal plan costs.

Can I have the same apartment every year I am at USI?[Back to Top]
During spring renewal, each resident has the opportunity to choose to live in the same apartment, but all residents in the residence halls must move. This is because the residence halls are reserved for first-year students. In some cases, uncontrollable circumstances may force Housing and Residence Life to make changes as deemed necessary.

Are there computer labs I can use?[Back to Top]
There are computer labs across campus and in the housing areas that are open during select hours of the week. Students can use these labs to do homework, research, and check email. Most library services can be accessed from any computer lab. See the Information Technology's website for computer lab hours and availability.

What is the alcohol and drug policy for housing?[Back to Top]
The residence halls and on-campus apartments are dry. This means that absolutely no alcohol or any alcoholic container is permitted anywhere on the premises (cars, apartments, outside, etc.) of the on-campus apartments or the residence halls. It is important to remember that a violation of the alcohol policy can place your housing contract in jeopardy. Should you choose to violate the policy, you could find yourself facing an Administrative Hearing. Possession of illegal drugs is a violation of housing policy and federal law. Students found in violation of this policy may be removed from university housing. Possession of drug paraphernalia is also prohibited. For more information about USI’s alcohol and drug policy for housing, please refer to the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities: A Code for Student Behavior.

Can I drive to the main campus?[Back to Top]
During the fall and spring semesters, residents may not park in campus lots between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday when classes are in session.

What can I do if I do not agree with a policy?[Back to Top]
Students that do not agree with a policy can approach the issue with the Student Housing Association (SHA). This student-run group has been tremendously helpful in the Department of Housing and Residence Life’s efforts to ensure that the ever-changing student population is best served.

Are there opportunities to make friends?[Back to Top]
Housing is a great place to make friends! There are very few other places that offer as many activities and opportunities to know your neighbors as in residence life! We routinely program events and publicize other events on campus.

How many credit hours do I need to be enrolled in to live on campus?[Back to Top]
Students must be enrolled in at least nine (9) undergraduate credit hours at USI to live in on-campus housing during the normal academic year, and students must be enrolled in at least three (3) undergraduate credit hours during the summer.

Are there any bike racks on campus?[Back to Top]
Bikes are not allowed in apartments or residence hall suites.  They must be kept in a bike rack.  There are several located throughout housing.  In addition, bikes cannot be kept on apartment balconies. See B.18 Parking and Bicycle Policies in the Student Rights and Responsibilities for more information.

What are the phone number and address of Housing and Residence Life?[Back to Top]

Housing and Residence Life
839 Pruis Ln
Evansville, IN 47712


Contact Housing and Residence Life


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