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Living Learning Communities
Living Learning Communities

At the University of Southern Indiana, freshmen with similar interests, goals, and academic programs can be placed on designated floors within the residence halls.  These living learning communities (LLCs) help students create a strong link between their lives in the residence hall and learning experiences in the classroom.  Students who reside on a LLC floor enjoy all the same amenities as other residents and benefit from a unique living experience.

Interested students can apply for an LLC at the time they apply for housing. Both are done online through myUSI. After logging into myUSI, click on the Housing icon to the left and follow the instructions.

Students can select from nine LLCs: 

  • Business -  Business LLC students are exposed to all aspects of the College of Business as well as guest speakers. Members of Evansville’s business community offer students a better understanding of the business world and current economic conditions. During most spring semesters, an educational trip offers a behind-the-scenes look at a major business, and students meet with top management officials.

  • Global Community - Global Community allows American and international students to learn more about the world through the exploration of cultures and global issues by interacting with one another on a daily basis. Weekly programs are offered to provide residents with a diverse view of different countries, cultures, and customs. Programs include culture and activity nights, along with international fun nights. Students are given the opportunity to organize a program of their choosing for everyone to enjoy.  The Global Community allows friendships to develop along with respect and appreciation for the world, while celebrating our colorful diversity.

  • Honors - The Honors Program LLC provides students who excel academically with the opportunity to room with like-minded students, take classes together and form dependable study groups. There also are special fun activities and events. Students of every major are accepted offering the chance to make friends across the University.  Friendships formed in the Honors LLC will last throughout your college career and beyond!

    Students in this LLC must join the Honors Program. This program is for students who want a stimulating intellectual challenge, smaller classes, study abroad scholarships, priority registration, peer mentors, and a University Honors Scholar diploma. There are leadership opportunities with the Honors Student Council and fun social events.

  • Nursing and Health Professions - The College of Nursing and Health
    Professions LLC introduces students to career options in healthcare.   Residents are encouraged to become active in community healthcare and continue their education beyond the classroom. The community helps to prepare students for the selective acceptance process.

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) - The STEM LLC introduces students to career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  This LLC provides STEM majors a strong foundation to move into some of the most in-demand teaching and technology-based career fields.

  • Education - Members of this community explore the many facets of a career in education. Students interact with faculty, area teachers, and each other through informal meetings, meals, classroom visits, and special projects. In the fall, a one-hour class provides an overview of education. Similar schedules and shared courses offer opportunities for study groups and support.

  • Social Justice - The Social Justice Living Learning Community is a collaboration between the political science, psychology, social work, sociology, anthropology, and criminal justice departments and the legal studies program. This living learning community is open to freshman students interested in making positive social change for the benefit of all individuals.

  • English and Theatre Arts - This living learning community combines students of English with students of theatre and will reward participants in both majors, who will discover the natural commerce between disciplines. The LLC experience will engage students in a block of six classes spread over two semesters, four of which will qualify for core curriculum credit and two more which are chosen to unify the group.

  • Exploring Majors - The Exploring Majors LLC offers career exploration and information about degree options at USI, as well as a look at career fields in the Evansville area. This LLC provides opportunities for self-discovery through interests and skills assessments. Weekly interaction with an academic advisor ensures that questions and concerns are addressed. Students gain access to campus resources for the major-and career-exploration processes.

Different University departments sponsor the floors and assist in organizing programs, activities, and events that highlight the major or area of interest.

Special programs and services may be available to students who select LLCs, such as: 

  • Academic tutoring and advising
  • Classes taught in the residence halls
  • Increased faculty contact
  • Roommates who share similar majors or interests
  • Programs and activities available only to LLC residents


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