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Short-Term Disability Insurance

Effective January 1, 2014; the University has partnered with Sun Life to offer Voluntary Short Term Disability (STD) Insurance coverage because, like anything of great value, your income from University of Southern Indiana should be protected.

Short Term Disability insurance helps provide a partial income replacement for temporarily disabled faculty and staff. This benefit is a supplement to the University’s sick pay benefit that will be of special interest to those (like short-service faculty and staff) with limited sick banks. To take full advantage of this plan, you should enroll at this first eligibility opportunity since late enrollees are subject to Evidence of Insurability (EOI) also known as "proof of good health."


To qualify for the voluntary Short Term Disability (STD) insurance, you must be:

  • A regular, benefits-eligible employee of the University of Southern Indiana, excluding full-time members of the armed forces, leased employees and independent contractors;

  • Refer to Human Resources for additional eligibility information

Employee Coverage Effective Date

Please contact the Benefits staff for more information regarding the following requirements that must be satisfied for your insurance to become effective.  You must satisfy:

  • Eligibility requirements

  • An eligibility waiting period

  • An evidence of insurability requirement, if applicable

  • An active work requirement.  This means that if you are not actively at work on the day before the scheduled effective date of insurance, your insurance will not become effective until the day after you complete a period of active work as an eligible employee.


  • Covers accidents and sicknesses for up to 26 weeks.
  • Weekly benefits are 60% of your weekly salary.
  • Maximum benefits are $1,500 per week.
  • Benefits begin on the 15th day for accidents and on the 15th day for sickness.
  • Benefits will be subject to a 3/12 pre-existing conditions limitation (Note: if you were previously on the plan prior to 1/1/14, the pre-ex will not apply)

Cost to You

STD coverage is contributory, meaning that you are responsible for paying for 100% of the cost through payroll deduction.

2014 Rates (Same as for 2011 through 2013)

Age as of January 1 Rate per $10 of STD benefit
<30 $0.61
30-34 $0.64
35-39 $0.38
40-44 $0.25
45-49 $0.27
50-54 $0.30
55-59 $0.40
60+ $0.51

To calculate your monthly payroll deduction, multiply your weekly base salary by your rate (as indicated in the chart above), then multiply that amount by 60% and divide by 10. 

How to Enroll

  • STD coverage begins once you meet the eligibility requirements, satisfy any waiting period applicable to your policy, and complete the enrollment process.
  • To enroll, fill out the STD enrollment form available from a benefits representative in the Human Resources (HR) Department. Please submit the form to HR along with any Evidence of Insurability application that may be required.

About Evidence of Insurability

  • Evidence of Insurability – also called “proof of good health” – is required if you decline coverage during your initial eligibility period and then want coverage at a later date.
  • All late entrants and increases require Evidence of Insurability.
  • The HR department will advise you if you need to submit an Evidence of Insurability application. If so, Sun Life Financial may arrange for you to take a medical exam (at our expense) and/or complete a questionnaire. Coverage will not go into effect until Sun Life Financial approves it.

For complete plan details

  • This highlight flyer is intended to provide an overview of the benefits available from The University and is not a complete description of plan provisions. 
  • The HR department will provide you with the Sun Life Financial Group booklet containing complete plan details.


Open Enrollment Dates

TIAA-CREF Representative

Lori Matthews of TIAA-CREF will hold individual appointments in the HR Training Room on the below dates. To schedule an appointment, contact 800/732-8353. 

2015 Dates

  • Tuesday, Jan 27
  • Wednesday, Feb 25
  • Thursday, Feb 26
  • Tuesday, Mar 24
  • Wednesday, Apr 22
  • Thursday, Apr 23
  • Tuesday, May 19
  • Wednesday, June 24
  • Thursday, June 25
  • Tuesday, July 21
  • Wednesday, Aug 19
  • Thursday, Aug 20
  • Tuesday, Sep 8
  • Wednesday, Oct 21
  • Thursday, Oct 22
  • Tuesday, Nov 17
  • Wednesday, Dec 9
  • Thursday, Dec 10