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Savings/Retirement Workshops

USI Savings/Retirement Workshops
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
10:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Financial Empowerment!
Shawn Robey, USI
This live workshop is ideal for any USI employee that wants to learn about financial tools and tips to get you on the road to Financial Empowerment and Wellness.

Within Reach: Transitioning from career to retirement
Lori Matthews, TIAA
This live workshop is ideal for USI employees on the TIAA plan(s). Learn the final preparations for retirement and checklist to help plan for the first day of retirement, evaluating where you are now and planning your retirement story, accounting for Social Security, taxes, healthcare, insurance, estate planning.

Get a head Start: A step-by-step overview of your TIAA retirement plan
Lori Matthews, TIAA
This live workshop is ideal for all USI employees. Learn about your TIAA retirement plan(s), the advantages of participating in your retirement program, creating your retirement strategy, and updating your account.

The Starting Line: What and how retirement saving should begin now!
Lori Matthews, TIAA
This live workshop is ideal for all early and mid career employees. Learn why saving for retirement is important and how to plan. Learn about the real effect of money over time. Understand debt and how to manage it and learn how budgeting can help you find money.

PERF Workshop: Fundamentals of INPRS
Jennifer Lowery, INPRS (PERF)
This live workshop is ideal for USI employees that are Public Employees’ Retirement Plan (PERF) participants. Learn about your PERF plan, updating your account, retirement eligibility, annuity and defined benefit (pension) payment options.

Understanding Social Security
Charo Boyd, Social Security Administration
This interactive seminar is ideal for USI employees and/or their loved ones planning to retire in the next 5-10 years. Learn how to apply and how age and wages effect the benefit amount. Learn how a widow/widower, surviving spouse, divorced spouse, and/or child may be entitled to benefits. Learn the basic parts of Medicare (A, B, C, and D): Medicare enrollment periods, premiums, and how to contact Medicare.

Understanding Medicare Supplements
Gina Downs, Senior Connection
This live workshop is ideal for all USI employees nearing eligibility for Social Security and needing more information regarding Medicare supplemental plans. This session will help you better understand the many different parts of Medicare and what your options are when you enroll in Medicare.

Understanding USI Retirement Offering
Wendy Summers, USI
This live workshop is ideal for USI employees eligible for USI medical, dental and life retirement benefits. Learn about USI’s retirement policy offerings and transition process from an active employee to a retiree status.

College Choice 529
Phillip Waddles, Ascensus College Savings
Do you or someone you know, want to save for college? Learn about CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan to start savings towards college. Learn about the tax credit you can earn, how to open the account and where the money can be used.

INPRS (PERF) Individuals Appointments
Do you have specific questions about your Public Employees’ Retirement Plan?  The following times are available to meet with Jennifer Lowery, the Southwest Indiana Retirement Services Consultant. The individual meeting is ideal for USI employees who are within 6 months of retirement. Employees can call 888-286-3544 to request a Retirement Benefit Estimate. Employees should bring their retirement application as well. 

TIAA Individuals Appointments
Do you have specific questions about your TIAA CREF’s Retirement Plan? Call 1-800-732-8353 or to schedule an individual appointment.

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