Volksmarch at the Brownstown/Ewing Artsfest
April 27, 2013

There were a good number of German immigrants amongst the early settlers of Jackson County, and we have to think they would approve of bringing this popular German tradition over to enrich this year’s Brownstown/Ewing Artfest on Saturday, April 27th in Brownstown, Indiana. A Volksmarch is a sponsored walk which brings people in to enjoy different communities.

The April 27th volksmarch, which begins at 9:00 a.m. is part of the Indiana Historic Pathways series along US 50/150, which has featured several southern Indiana’s historic communities. The town will be celebrating an Artsfest that day with artisans demonstrating and selling their crafts at retail businesses along the route. Pioneer arts and crafts will be set up at the Jackson County History Center. The horse-drawn trolley that ran from the Depot to the Courthouse will be returned to Brownstown for this day only. The volksmarch and Artsfest are both free, (unless volksmarchers are walking for credit) and parking is plentiful. There will also be food booths available as well as quaint local restaurants.

The Volksmarch is a mapped walk, 6.2 miles long, which features seven historical sites including the old Ewing Depot, the Brickyard, and the Jackson County Courthouse. It also includes the "split- fort" cabin at the History Center. Walkers should check in between 9:00 and 1:00 p.m at WR Ewing, 1105 W. Spring St., Brownstown and must finish the walk by 4 p.m. Walkers planning to do the 10K should try to start the walk before noon as they will need to be out of the Fairgrounds area by 2:00.

One of the more interesting sites is the Jackson County Brickyard. Many of the state roads in the area and drainage tiles used in agricultural fields in the county were made from bricks baked in kilns at this site. You will also visit the Brownstown Speedway and the Brownstown Hardware Store. This unique store has remained as it “used to be” early in the nineteenth century with materials as varied as oiled wood floors, vintage hardware storage bins and cabinetry. There are reminders of America's past, a collection of museum-quality hardware, suspended from the ceiling. Not all streets have sidewalks and some sidewalks contain steps. The trail is suitable for jogging strollers but wheelchairs may have difficulty. Pets are welcome on the trail but not inside local businesses unless needed for handicapped access. For more information contact Carol Parkinson at (812) 287-8520 or cparkins95@yahoo.com.

Bring your walking stick, and a friend for a beautiful day at the Artsfest in Brownstown and leave time to walk the Volksmarch and learn more about Brownstown and Ewing’s unique history.

More Information
Brownstown Volksmarch brochure (pdf)
Event details at AVA.org