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Purchasing University Computers and Equipment

Beginning in January 2017, departmental computer equipment will be purchased through the BuyUSI application. This eliminates the charge-back process.

Employees authorized to use BuyUSI, can login to myUSI and click on the BuyUSI icon. Computer equipment can be found by clicking on the Dell icon.

Computers for official use at USI can be purchased through the BuyUSI program.  If you are planning to purchase a new computer for your office or department, please refer to the descriptions below to select the most appropriate model for your needs.  The IT department has selected these computer options as the Institutional Standard.  If you want/need a non-standard computer system, please contact the IT department before you order.  A non-standard computer system may have limited on-site support and may incur vendor based support fees.  If you would like to see these items prior to ordering - come to the IT Helpdesk and ask for the "shopping cart".

Desktop Computers

 Vendor  Model Processor  RAM  HD  Price  IO
Dell OptiPlex 5050 MT i7-7700 (Quad Core 3.6GHz) 16GB 1TB 5400RPM $850

Display Port

Dell OptiPlex 5050 SFF i7-7700 (Quad Core 3.6GHz) 16GB

1TB 5400RPM


Display Port

* Desktop units come with Keyboard and Mouse

** Related items to consider: speakers, monitor, dual-monitor cables

*** Both Desktop units are identical, except for physical box dimensions (MT model is larger)

Laptop Computers

 Vendor  Model Processor  Ram  HD Price Screen  Size Weight 


Latitude 7280 i5-7200U (Dual Core  2.5GHz) 8GB 256GB (m.2  SSD) $1012 


2.61 lbs
Dell Latitude 5480 i5-7200U (Dual Core 2.5GHz) 8GB 500GB (7200RPM) $785 14.0in 3.52 lbs

* If purchasing a laptop that will also serve as employee's desktop, consider buying an additional monitor

** Related items to consider: monitor, keyboard, mouse, docking station


Vendor Model Processor RAM Storage Price Screen Size Weight Keyboard Included?

Latitude 3379

i5-6300U (Dual Core 2.4GHz) 8GB 256GB (m.2 SSD) $766 13.3in 3.86 lb Yes
Microsoft Surface Book Yes
Microsoft Surface Pro 4


(extra cost)


Vendor Model Price Screen Size
Dell P2717H $260 27"
Dell P2417H $195 24"
Dell P2217H $150 22"

* If ordering as a secondary monitor, than additional cables will need to be purchased seperately


Vendor Model Price
Dell Logitech Wireless Mouse/Keyboard (MK520) $43
Dell USB Optical Mouse (MS111) $13
Dell Quiet Key USB Keyboard (KB216) $13
Dell Logitech z130 Stereo Speakers $20



USB -> Display Port Adapter

All centrally-funded computers are shipped directly to USI.  The machine will be built with the standard software and build.  The desktop Install Team will contact the department/purchaser to schedule an install time.

Docking Station

single monitor - dual monitor (cables)

Recycled University Computer Equipment (for use on Campus)

The USI Computer Recycling Program allows departments to procure a gently used computer for a reasonable cost. These systems are still the property of USI and will be added to the requesting department's inventory.

Surplus Sale (for personal use)

Login to myUSI and click on the IT Surplus Equipment Store icon.

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