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How do I create a contact or a group in Eagles Mail?

How do I schedule an appointment with my Professor?

How do I delete an email message?

What is my Eagles Mail quota?

How do I move messages to a folder in Eagles Mail?

How do I make new folders in Eagles Mail?

How do I forward my Eagles Mail to another email address?

How do I filter unwanted spam?

How long do I get to use my Eagles Mail account?

Set up Eagles Mail on your mobile device



How do I create a contact or a group in Eagles Mail?

  1. From inside your email, click on contact Contacts in the lower left. In Contacts, on the toolbar, click the drop down to the right of New. From here you can click Contact or Group.
  2. If you pick Contact, you can fill in the fields for a single person.
  3. If you pick Group, you can add multiple people into a single list.
  4. Click save Save and Close to save the new contact or group. Click Cancel if you want to discard your changes.
  5. You can now send email to the contact or group.

How do I delete an email message?

Delete a message simply by clicking on the message and then clicking the “Delete“  button at the top of the email message list.

This will send the message to your “Deleted Items” folder (trash can icon).

In order to permanently delete the messages, you must delete them from the “Deleted Items” folder.  All messages may be deleted by right clicking on the “Deleted Items” folder and selecting “Empty deleted items” or you may individually delete or recover messages by opening the folder and selecting them.

What is the Eagles Mail quota?

Your Eagles Mail quota is 10 Gigabytes (10 GB) of space across all of your email folders.

Moving messages into a folder still counts against your overall quota. This includes moving mail into your Deleted and Sent folders.

Your quota is very large and you should never have problems with running out of space, but if you do just delete some older emails.

How do I move messages to a folder in Eagles Mail?

Select a message by clicking on the message or select multiple messages by holding down the “Ctrl” key and selecting multiple messages.

Do one of two things:

  1. Drag the selected email(s) to the left to the folder in which you want to place the messages, or
  2. Click “Move” at the top of the page and select the desired folder from the dropdown, or select “Move to folder…” from the dropdown and then select the desired folder from the list that pops up.

How do I make new folders in Eagles Mail?

  1. In the Navigation Pane, on the bottom left, click e-mail Mail to view the list of all folders in your Inbox.
  2. Right-click the folder in which you want to create a new folder. For example, to create a subfolder in your Inbox, right-click Inbox. To create a new folder at the same level as your Inbox, right-click your name at the top of the folder list.
  3. Click Create New Folder.
  4. Type a name for your new folder.
  5. Press ENTER to save your changes.

    Eagles Mail

To setup forwarding, first logon to your Eagles Mail account.

Look for the Options dropdown in the upper right of the screen, and select See All Options …

Eagles Mail1

This should take you to the screen below, looking at Account settings.  On your right, you will see the Forward your e-mail shortcut.  Click this.


At the next screen on the bottom, you can specify the address where you want your email to forward.  If you simply want the email to go to the forwarded location, uncheck the Keep a copy checkbox.  If you want your email to be in both places, check this checkbox.  When you are all set, click the Start Forwarding button.

Block SPAM

Create Rule to move messages to folder based upon sender address or specific words in the subject. Two Step Process

First: Turn on the Junk Filter

  1. Click the Cog in the Top Right CornerCog2
  2. Click Options, Block or Allow
  3. Set your email to Automatically Filter Junk Email
  4. Set your email to Trust Emails from your Contacts
  5. Click Save at the Bottom

Second: Create Rules to Block Messages By keyword or sender address

  1. Click the Cog like in the first step
  2. Click Options, Organize Mail
  3. Click Inbox Rules
  4. Click the "+" and select from the various options

Create a Rule if you are repeatedly getting the same kind of email

     Example: "Click here to apply for a $500/ a week job" filter by "specific words in subject" option

     If a specific email keeps sending various messages filter by "move messages from someone" option

Name the Rules and be sure to Click Save at the Bottom.

How long do I get to use my Eagles Mail account?

If you graduate, you will get the Alumni role added to your profile and then you will have access to your account forever. is the initial domain created with Microsoft for Office 365.  EVERY USI account on Office 365 has this domain associated with its account.  It is used ‘behind the scenes’.


To personalize the USI 365 accounts, we were able to add our own domain to each account.  We have added EAGLES.USI.EDU to each account.  This is the domain we reference when talking about eagles-mail and Office 365 accounts at USI.


Example: If someone were to send an email to,  it would deliver to the exact same mailbox as


If your mail appears to be coming from, please let the helpdesk know (812.465.1080) and your account can be modified so that your mail appears to come from your account

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