University of Southern Indiana

Android Instructions

1. On the Device, go to Settings

2. Under Accounts, Click "Add Account"

Screenshot _2016-07-08-09-42-15 (1)

3. Click on Email

Screenshot _2016-07-08-09-42-20

4. Type in your myUSI account information.

(Students = & Employees =

Click Next

Screenshot _2016-07-08-09-33-31 (1)

5. Click Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Screenshot _2016-07-08-09-33-45

6a. If the setup finishes and takes you to the "Account options" Page, continue on Step 8.

6b. If you get a message that says the "Setup could not finish" click "Edit Details"

7. You will need to edit 2 fields, the Domain and the Exchange Server.

Make sure the Domain begins with a back slash (\) then type your USI email address.

The exchange server should be changed to ""

Then click Next

Click "OK" on the next 2 screens.

Screenshot _2016-07-08-09-34-44


8. Once on the Account options page, click Next and you are finished

Screenshot _2016-07-08-09-38-43

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