University of Southern Indiana

Device Registration Other Than PCs

When you connect a PC or a Mac to our network, whether from an On-Campus Appartment or Residence Hall, the registration process is automated. However, you may want to register other devices such as a Playstation or Xbox. When registering these types of devices you will need to know the MAC address of the device. For help in finding the MAC address, please click here.

Click here for Automated Registration

This link will only work from a device in an On-Campus Apartment or Residence Hall. The link will not work on campus or from any housing lab.

Note: If you have problems with registering your device(s), create a Kace help ticket by emailing with details of the MAC Address and device to: IT@USI.EDU

 After Completing the registration process, if you are having difficulty connecting to the network, Please call the Helpdesk at ext. 1080 from a Campus Phone, or 812-465-1080 from off campus.


Contact Information Technology
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