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USI IT Advisory: myUSI unavailable

Sent 2/11/2016 (7:49am)

This advisory is relevant to anyone needing to use myUSI.   

Please use this alternative site to access Bb, Self-service, and other services found under myUSI:

Sent 2/11/2016 (8:31am)

myUSI is back online. Our provider in Cleveland had a network outage that took myUSI offline from roughly 7:15AM to 8:15AM. During this time students would not have had access to Blackboard or other tools on myUSI.

USI email from off campus to Exchange is impaired

Sent 2/10/2016

Last night we replaced an expiring Security certificate on the mail servers.  For the most part this process went really well.

 However, this morning we are finding that some mail from off campus (EAGLES-MAIL is included in this category) is generating a Non-Delivery to the sender.

 We are working on finding the solution to this issue, but we felt it necessary to tell faculty and staff that they might not be getting all the mail directed at them.

 Again, the sender IS getting a Non-Delivery message/Failure.  They should be aware that their message was NOT delivered.

This IT Advisory is relevant for all Blackboard users... 

There was an issue with enrollment this morning (2/3) and students have been disabled.  We are running the files currently and expect all students to be repopulated no later than 10:30 am this morning. Please keep in mind that if a student was in the middle of an exam, the exam will likely not be submitted correctly. Anything entered PRIOR to the student becoming disabled will be restored and all grades, assignments, etc. should be there without any issues. If you continue to experience issues after 10:30 am this morning, please contact the Blackboard Team at 812-465-1080 so that we can help resolve your issues.


On Saturday (2/6), Blackboard may be unavailable from 4:00-7:00 am for routine maintenance.  Please do not schedule any exams, quizzes, or assignments to be submitted during this time frame. 

Thank you.
Walter Fisher and Shannon Hoehn
USI Blackboard Team

Banner Downtime Tomorrow Night (1/15/16)

Sent 1/14/16

This advisory is relevant to Banner users:
The Banner PROD system will be unavailable after 5:00pm tomorrow (Friday, 1/15/2016) while we freeze census data for the spring term.

We expect Banner to be available after 8:00pm.



USI IT Advisory:  Some Help Desk ticket information lost

Sent 1/13/2016

This IT advisory is relevant to everyone on campus.

Over the holiday break, the Kace server which houses all of our trouble ticket data severely overheated and multiple discs failed.  It has taken quite a bit of time to recover this system and we should be fully running once again.  However - we lost all tickets entered after November 2nd up to Jan 6th.

If you entered a service request during this time frame and are waiting for someone to work with you, please contact the IT Help Desk.  They can check to see if you have any active tickets in the system, or recreate one if needed.

Richard Toeniskoetter


USI IT Advisory: Blackboard Course Information

Sent 1/13/2016

This IT Advisory affects all Blackboard Instructors:

The default availability for courses is set to "NO", which means all instructors must go into the system and make their course available for students to view when the course is ready.

To make a course available:

1)       Go into your course in Blackboard and go to "Control Panel"

2)       Choose the "Customization" tab

3)      Then click on "Properties"

4)      The 3rd point under Properties is "Set Availability"

5)      Choose "YES"

6)      Click "Submit" 

Also, in order to avoid students becoming disabled in the system, the features that allow you to merge course sections and enroll users have been temporarily disabled until roughly February 1.  If you need to have your course sections merged or you need to enroll a user, please make a ticket by sending an email to and we will complete the work for you.  

Thank you - and welcome to a new semester!

Shannon Hoehn & Walter Fisher

Your Friendly USI Blackboard Team 

Anthem Email Hoax

Sent 2/6/15

You may receive an email similar to that below purporting to be from Anthem and offering credit monitoring. Any email like this should be viewed with suspicion.

Do NOT respond to any email offers of this kind.

Please visit the special Anthem website, or call the special Anthem hotline, 1-877-263-7995 for the most up-to-date information.


IT Advisory – Moving & Purging O: Common Drive Contents

Sent 2/9/15

First a reminder/refresher/revelation:

"O: is called "Common" because it is just that, common access for all USI employees. Anything saved/copied there, with a few notable exceptions that prove the rule true, can be read, changed, deleted, by any USI employee. If you have been using O: for other purposes, please contact us for suggestions on how we can help you get a more private network shared space.

Second, the real reason why I asked you here: 

O: Common data is being evicted from its current SAN. You will not see any difference in where O: is, but you will see some change in contents. I do not want to have to move everything. Some of it is dated. Some of it should probably be shared or stored elsewhere.

 If you have data on O: that you want to have there after the move, please identify it before Friday afternoon, 1/30/2015. Sometime late afternoon, I plan to remove the share and recreate it on the new location. You will probably see the red X on your drive that will go away when you click on it. What will also go away is files that no one asks to have moved.

Please DO NOT respond to this email with information. Email the IT Help Desk, and have a ticket created, if you want to make certain you have tracking of the request to move.

Anyone who knows me knows I do not want to lose data. But I do want to clean up the O: drive and ultimately make it a more useful resource.


Remember: Friday.

And thank you.


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