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Do you get numerous pop-ups every time you open a web browser? Did your Internet browser homepage change on its own? Is your computer system just plain acting weird whenever you surf the Internet? Your system may have been infected with one or more software programs known as spyware. It may also be possible your systems has been infected with one of the millions of viruses floating around.

How to get rid of Spyware?
The university recommends two spyware removal tools, which can be downloaded for free. The free tools are Ad-Aware and Spybot: Search and Destroy. These programs search your hard drive to find any instance of known spyware activity and also have the capability to remove these instances. Often one program will find instances of spyware that the other may miss so it is recommended that both programs be run in conjunction to eliminate as much spyware from your system as possible.

Spyware Downloads

How to get rid of Viruses? 
The university recommends AVG Anti-Virus, which can be downloaded for free. There are several anti-virus programs available on the Internet or in your favorite department store. These programs search your hard drive for any virus activity (or residue) and then gives you the opportunity to remove all occurrences of the virus. AVG performs a detailed scan on your system but some viruses may not be detected. It's always wise to run multiple scans with different software packages in order to find all virus activity on your system.

Anti-virus Downloads 

Free Microsoft Office Software for Students and Employees

  • The University has subscribed to Office 365 in order to provide students and employees with a free copy of the Microsoft Office suite, which you can use on up to five different devices. Your subscription will remain valid as long as you are a student at the University of Southern Indiana. 


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    To DOWNLOAD - log into MyUSI and click on the Office 365 icon on the left side.


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