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Rolm Settings

Changing Ring Tone
Lets you make your phone ring with 1 of 8 tones.
Dial Tone + *572 + 1-8 tones + lift the handset and hang up.

Placing Calls
 Dial Tone + extension
External: 9 + number 
To finish a call and place another call without hanging up the handset press your ext. button to drop the call and get dial tone again.

Hold - Regular
HOLD + hang up or press another line / extension button.
To re-connect to the caller on HOLD, press the flashing line / extension button, lift handset, or from another phone, PU + held extension.
If you do not return to the call, it rings back with triple ring after time-out.
When you are put on hold and want to listen over the speaker until other person returns to their phone:

  • 2-way speakerphone: SPEAKER + hang up

  • Phone with 1-way speaker: HOLD + hang up + press flashing line button to take the call off hold and listen over the speaker.

Hold - Consultation
Lets you put 1 caller on hold and place a 2nd call on the same line.
Active call + TRANSFER + place 2nd call.
Call Waiting light flashes when a call is waiting.
Use CONNECT to alternate between the two calls.

TRANSFER + dial 2nd number + announce + hang up
Use CONNECT if you need to re-connect to the caller.
Use CLEAR to drop off someone's busy car phone or PhoneMail automatically re-connect to the caller.
The call will ring to the Operator if unanswered after 8 rings, and if their phone is not programmed to forward to another extension. This is a good reason to stay on the line and announce the call.

Connects you to a waiting call when Call Wtg light flashes.
Press CONNECT to re-connect to a transfer in progress.

Allows up to 8 parties on one conversation. 
Add to Conference: TRANSFER + number + announce + TRANSFER
Use CONNECT to re-connect to the conference when the called party is busy, does not answer, or cannot join the conference.
You cannot CONNECT to a waiting party when you're on a conference. Ignore the call waiting or hang up from the conference to get 2nd call

  • Drop last party or voice mail: CLEAR (TRANSER + ***4 + TRANSFER)

  • Drop a specific party: TRANSFER + ***4 + 1-8 + TRANSFER

Direct Station Select (DSS, D-) 
Lets you monitor and automatically dial or answer an extension.

  • Program: PROGRAM (program lights) + DSS button (DSS button does not light) + extension + PROGRAM (light goes out)

Answer a call ringing, on hold, camped, or parked on another extension.

  • Station: PICK (or Dial Tone +*3) + ext. Answers ringing or held ext.

  • Group: PICK + PICK (or Dial Tone **3). Only answers a ringing ext.

You cannot pick up a callback (triple ring) to another extension.
You get fast busy signal if the pick up is invalid.

Speed Dial System
SYS SPI (Dial Tone + #61) + 001-999

Lets you put caller on hold at another busy or idle extension.
Park a call: TRANSFER + PARK (*6) + extension + hang up

  • Important: Parked caller hears ringing with call waiting beep! If someone else is already queued on that person's extension, or if the extension is on hold, you will not be able to park a caller there; you will hear a fast busy signal.

Retrieve a parked call from a different ext. than it is parked on: Dial Tone + PICK (or *3)+ extension.
Retrieve from extension, the call is parked on: Press flashing line button

Signals a callback for an internal ext. that is busy, no answer, or DND 
Callback Camp on:

  • Activate: Busy/No Answer + CALLBCK (or TRANSFER + #1)

  • Cancel: Dial Tone + ##1 (Pressing CALLBCK doesn't cancel)

Trunk Callback Queuing:

  • Activate: Fast busy + CALLBCK (TRANSFER + #1) + hang up)

  • Accept: At triple ring, lift handset + the number is re-dialed

  • Postpone: At the triple ring, lift the handset + tone + hang up.

  • Cancel: Dial Tone + ##1 (Pressing CALLBCK doesn't cancel)

Re-directs your calls to another extension.
Activate: Dial Tone + FORWARD (or #91)+ destination ext. + hang up Ext. light flickers and broken dial tone while your ext. is forwarded. Your phone gives a burst ring each time it manually forwards a call.
Cancel on prime line: No Dial Tone + FORWARD (or Dial Tone ##91)
Cancel on 2nd line: Press line/ext. button + ##91 (Can't use FORWARD)

Saves 1 number at a time to be re-dialed later. Must have SAV/RDL button to use this feature on external calls. Save a number: Busy, No Answer, or Talking + SAV/RDL (or Redial a saved number: SAV/RDL (or Dial Tone + #4)

Speed Dial - Individual 
Store 1-10 numbers in memory.

  • Non-display: Dial Tone + SPEED SPEED (or ##3) + 1-0 + ext. or 9 +outside number

  • Display phone: PROGRAM + ##3 + 1-0 + wait for display to prompt "New Number?" + ext. or 9 + outside number + PROGRAM

Place an Individual Speed Dial call: Dial Tone + #3 + 1-0

Repertory Dial (DDS) 
Store up to 22 characters on a button. If programming on a display phone, watch the display for prompts.
Program: No Dial Tone + PROGRAM + Rep-dial button + phone number + PROGRAM. Label the button.

Lets you receive and answer reminders and PhoneMail messages. Also lets you light the MAILBOX light of other extensions.
Light flashes and/or broken dial tone with new message mailbox.
Display Phones:

  • Display messages: Press MAILBOX, and use it to scroll.

  • Clear a displayed message: While displayed, press CLEAR.

  • Answer a message: While displayed, press CALLBCK-

  • Non-display phones: Answer a message: Press MAILBOX

Rings and Tones

- Single ring: Internal incoming or transferred call
- Double ring: External incoming or transferred call
- Triple ring: Callback or Recall from Hold or Park
- 3 short beeps: Confirmation beeps
- Low Burst tone: Call to your forwarded extension
- Fast broken dial tone: Forwarded or Do Not Disturb
- Slow broken dial tone: Reminder or PhoneMail message
- 1 short tone every 10 sec: Internal call waiting
- 2 short tones every 10 sec: External call waiting

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