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The Communications faculty has developed four different majors to assist students in selecting courses according to individual interests and career goals. Students may select a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires 12 semester hours in the same foreign language or demonstration of proficiency at that level of study.

Additional Requirements

  1. Students must take a minimum of 72 hours of courses outside Mass Communications (ADV, COMM, JRN, PRL, RTV), and LIBA 497--Mass Media and Society and must fulfill requirements of the University Core Curriculum.
  2. Students are limited to a maximum of 16 hrs. of 100-200 level courses in Mass Communication.
  3.  A maximum of 12 hrs. of Mass Communication courses may be accepted as transfer credits from a two-year college.
  4. Mass Communication transfer credits not accepted in the major may NOT be counted as general electives in the 120 hours required for a degree.
  5. To enroll in any communications internship, a student must be of junior or senior standing and must have consent of the instructor.
  6. Students must make certain that all prerequisites are met prior to enrolling in any class.
  7. A minimum of 39 hrs. of coursework must be at the 300-400 level, including CORE, major, and electives.
  8. Students must pass the department’s spelling, grammar and punctuation examination prior to enrolling in any 300-400 level courses in the department. This rule is waived if the student has a C+ average for both Eng 101 and Eng 201.
  9. The minimum grade of "C" must be attained in any prerequisite course before a student may take the course for which the prerequisite applies.
  10. No course with a grade lower than “C” will be counted in the major requirements.

Students not following these guidelines may be required to take more than 120 hours to meet the requirements for a degree. Students with a Mass Communication major (ADV, JRN, PRL, or RTV) and a Mass Communication minor (or double major) will require more than 120 hours to graduate.

  1. Liberal Arts requires all students to have a 2.0 GPA in their major; Communications requires 2.25.

Mass Communication Majors

The mass communication majors of Public Relations and Advertising, Journalism, and Radio and Television adhere to the guidelines of the Accrediting Council for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Students in these three majors must take a minimum of 80 hours in courses outside of these majors, including no fewer than 65 hours of arts and sciences courses. Liberal arts courses include all courses offered in the areas of anthropology, art, communication studies, criminology, economics, English, foreign languages, history, humanities, liberal arts, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, and theatre. Science courses include all courses offered in the areas of astronomy, biology, chemistry, geography, geology, mathematics, and physics.  No more than 16 semester hours of lower division coursework (100-200 level) may be counted in the major.

Communications Diversity Cognates: gender & ethnic cultures ~ 6 hrs.
Students in the three mass communication majors are required to take six hours of diversity cognates: a three-hour course in gender studies and a three-hour course in ethnic diversity; both are subject to approval by students' academic advisors. This list is subject to change.

*Consult advisor for possible additional offerings
**May be offered as JRN, RTV, ADV and/or PRL