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Student in Miller Language LaboratoryWe are delighted with our multi-purpose language lab.  It provides our students with a rich and varied source of practice in their new language.  Up-to-date CDs provide visual and audio interaction with native speakers in a wide variety of topics and structures.  Graded listening and speaking exercises, ranging from fill-ins to open-ended, facilitate language learning.  A variety of award-winning videos with reading and listening practice ensure human interaction in the language.  In all, our state-of-the-art language lab provides our students with additional, engaging communication that closely mirrors and supports learning in the classroom.

                                           Fall 2013 Miller Language Lab Schedule [by tutor]
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  9:00am-5pm 8:30am-5pm 9:00am - 5pm 8:30am - 5pm 10:00am-4pm
8:30 AM   RodrigoSPAN   RodrigoSPAN  
9:00 AM TadashiJPN RodrigoSPAN LisaGERM RodrigoSPAN  
9:30 AM TadashiJPN/JaneCHIN RodrigoSPAN LisaGERM RodrigoSPAN `
10:00 AM TadashiJPN/JaneCHIN RodrigoSPAN LisaGERM RodrigoSPAN MeganGERM
10:30 AM TadashiJPN/JaneCHIN IbrahimARAB LisaGERM AndreaJPN MeganGERM
11:00 AM TadashiJPN/JaneCHIN/AudreyFren IbrahimARAB LisaGERM AndreaJPN MeganGERM
11:30 AM TadashiJPN/AudreyFren IbrahimARAB LisaGERM AndreaJPN/AudreyFren MeganGERM
NOON AudreyFREN IbrahimARAB NateFREN JacobFREN/AudreyFren MeganGERM/ArraPearlFREN
12:30 PM TBA IbrahimARAB NateFREN JacobFREN/AudreyFren MeganGERM/ArraPearlFREN
1:00 PM TBA IbrahimARAB/JuanCarlosSPAN/TianTianCHIN AndreaJPN/CalebARAB/NateFREN JacobFREN/JulioSPAN/JuanCarlosSPAN/ChrisGERMTianTianCHIN SayakaJPN/ArraPearlFREN
1:30 PM TBA IbrahimARAB/JuanCarlosSPAN/ArraPearlFRENT/ianTianCHIN AndreaJPN/CalebARAB/NateFREN JacobFREN/JulioSPAN/JuanCarlosSPAN/ChrisGERMTianTianCHIN SayakaJPN/ArraPearlFREN
2:00 PM JennyCHIN/LanceFREN/CharlotteGERM JuanCarlosSPAN/ArraPearlFREN/ArraPearlFRENT/ianTianCHIN AndreaJPN/CalebARAB JulioSPAN/ZoeFREN /JuanCarlosSPAN/ChrisGERM SayakaJPN
2:30 PM LanceFREN/CharlotteGERM JuanCarlosSPAN/ArraPearlFRENTianTianCHIN CalebARAB/SayakaJPN JulioSPAN/ZoeFREN /JuanCarlosSPAN/ChrisGERM ChristinaGERM/SayakaJPN
3:00 PM LanceFREN/CharlotteGERM/AlexSPAN ChristinaGERM/ArraPearlFREN ShuangCHIN/SayakaJPN/AudreyFREN/KristinGERM/BaileySPAN ZoeFREN/MunARAB/AndreaGERM/ChrisGERM ChristinaGERM
3:30 PM LanceFREN/CharlotteGERM/AlexSPAN ChristinaGERM ShuangCHIN/SayakaJPN/AudreyFREN/KristinGERM/BaileySPAN ZoeFREN/MunARAB/AndreaGERM/ChrisGERM ChristinaGERM
4:00 PM AlexSPAN ChristinaGERM ShuangCHIN/SayakaJPN/AudreylFREN/KristinGERM/BaileySPAN MunARAB/AndreaGERM ChristinaGERM
4:30 PM AlexSPAN ChristinaGERM ShuangCHIN/AudreyFREN/KristinGERM/BaileySPAN MunARAB/AndreaGERM