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Classical Studies Minor


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Mission Statement

The Classical Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that focuses on all aspects of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.  Faculty from the departments of Art History, English, Foreign Languages, History, and Philosophy all contribute to the program.  As such, students who earn the minor will have a comprehensive background in ancient history, art history, literature, mythology, philosophy, and the Latin language.  Students pursuing a Classical Studies minor will acquire a well-rounded Liberal Arts education and will develop the skills needed to succeed in the modern world.

The Classical Studies minor is designed to serve as a complement to any Liberal Arts major, but will also be very beneficial to students considering a career in law or medicine.


  • Increase student awareness of the rich heritage of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.
  • Prepare students for a wide variety of careers in which critical thinking and interdisciplinary approaches are essential for success.

The Classical Studies Minor prepares students for:

  • Successful careers in any field where a strong liberal arts background is required.
  • graduate studies in Classics, History, Comparative Literature, Art History, Philosophy, or Archaeology.

Schedule of Courses for the Minor

USI Bulletin

Spring 2013

Study Abroad Opportunities

For information about other study abroad opportunities or archaeological excavations in Greece, Italy, or Cyprus, please contact Prof. Dixon.

Upcoming Events

(No events at this time.)

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University Core Curriculum Download Checksheet for the University Core Curriculum

In addition to the departmental degree requirements, a minimum of 50 hours in the University Core Curriculum must be met.


Dr. Michael Dixon, Assistant Professor of History
Director of Classical Studies Minor
Office:  LA 3003 --  Phone:  812/465-1093
Email: mdixon

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