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(For more information, contact the faculty advisors listed below.)


  • USI Art Club
    The purpose of the USI Art Club is to bring awareness of the visual arts to the university and community. Membership in the USI Art Club is open to all USI students. In the past, membership benefits have included: meetings with other students with an interest in art; collaborative art projects; art tours to Chicago, New York, London, and other art centers to visit art museums, art galleries, special exhibitions, and other cultural sites; opportunities for students to exhibit and sell their artwork; and participation in Family Weekend, Springfest, and other university-sponsored club events. One major fundraiser each year allows the Art Club to contribute to student art awards, the art tours, visiting artists, community outreach and other planned projects.
    ~Faculty advisors: Chuck Armstrong ( Email: carmstro ), Rob Millard-Mendez ( Email: rmillardme ), Al Holen ( Email: aiholen ), and Chris Walker ( Email: cvwalker )


  • Advertising Club
    The club allows members to network with advertising professionals in order to enhance student opportunities to obtain internships and find employment in the field after graduation. Students enter the regional American Advertising Federation competition each spring in Detroit.
    ~ Website:
    ~Faculty Advisors: Robert Jeffers (Email: rjeffers)) and Dr. Robert West (Email: rwest)

  • Communication Studies Connection
    The Communication Studies Connection is a nationally recognized student-led organization designed for students who are looking to gain practical experience and develop professional communication skills. They plan and execute various service, professional development, social, and fundraising events that take place both within the university and throughout Evansville. This is an opportunity for those that need communication, recruiting, marketing, program planning, and/or leadership experience on their résumé to be competitive in today’s job market.
    ~Advisor: Dr. Zachary Henning, (Email: zthenning)

  • Society of Professional Journalists
    The club allows members to network with journalism professionals in order to enhance student opportunities to obtain internships and find employment in the field after graduation. Members travel to regional and national journalism conferences.
    ~Website: none
    ~Advisor: Dr. Chad Tew (Email: crtew)

  • Public Relations Student Society of America USI Chapter
    The club allows members to network with public relations practitioners in order to enhance student opportunities to obtain internships and find employment in the field after graduation. Members travel to regional and national P.R. conferences. This group has won several outstanding USI chapter awards.
    ~Advisor: Dr. Gael Cooper (Email: gcooper)


  • Sigma Tau Delta (National Honor society in English)
    Students are selected for membership based on scholarship and service. Sigma Tau Delta attends the national convention of English honorary societies. Each year, the group holds an annual book sale to raise funds for its service projects.
    ~Faculty advisor: Michael Kearns (Email: mkearns)


  • Phi Alpha Theta 
    Phi Alpha Theta is a national professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. We seek to bring students, teachers and writers of history together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and publication by our members in a variety of ways.
    ~Faculty advisor: Dr. Jason Hardgrave (Email: jhardgrave)

Modern & Classical Languages

Performing Arts


Political Science and Public Administration


  • Psychology Club
    The USI Psychology Club sponsors a variety of activities designed to enhance the learning process, serve the local community and provide a resource network to those interested in the field of psychology and related disciplines. The club makes an active effort to provide community service opportunities. Each year, in response to membership requests, the club invites a number of speakers who provide valuable information on careers, graduate school and other topics of interest. Several trips are generally planned over the course of each semester. In the past, these trips have included tours of institutions (state hospital, prisons, graduate programs, etc.) as well as trips to take advantage of special presentations and speakers at area universities. Membership in the club is open to all students with an interest in psychology. 
    ~Faculty advisors: Dr. Julie Evey (Email: jevey); Professor Maggie Felton (Email: mfelton)

  • Psi Chi
    PSI CHI is the National Honor Society in Psychology, established with the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology. For example, PSI CHI publishes a quarterly journal that fosters and rewards the scholarly efforts of undergraduate psychology students. One of the goals of each PSI CHI chapter is to make active attempts to nourish and stimulate professional growth through programs designed to augment and enhance the regular curriculum. The USI chapter of PSI CHI is also involved in a variety of activities including the presentation of “Career Night” and trips to visit graduate psychology programs in the area. Membership is open to students majoring, or minoring, in psychology, and who have completed at least 9 hours of psychology course credit with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in both their psychology and non-psychology courses. 
    ~Faculty Advisors: Dr. Aimee Mark (Email: aymark)

Social Work

  • Sigma Phi Omega - Delta Pi Chapter
    Sigma Phi Omega (SPO), the national academic honor and professional society in gerontology, was established in 1980 to recognize excellence of those who study gerontology and aging and the outstanding service of professionals who work with or on behalf of older persons. The formatin of a society provides a much needed link between educators, practitioners, and administrators in various settings where older persons are served.
    ~Faculty Advisor:

  • Social Work Club (BSW)
    The Social Work Club specifically assists undergraduate students in social work by:
    • Helping students bridge the gap from academics to practice by networking with agencies in the community who need volunteer support.
    • Increasing knowledge and awareness of social work issues and practice by encouraging its members to attend seminars, workshops, and conference.
    • Providing a support system for students by offering a mentor program and various other programs designed for student growth.
    • Sponsoring humanitarian activities within the meaningful causes supported by social work values.
    ~Faculty Advisor: Christy Baker (Email: ccbaker)

  • Phi Alpha National Honor Society
    The purposes of Phi Alpha Honor Society are to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership, those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.
    ~Faculty Advisors: Dr. Kathy Elpers (Email: kelpers) and Dr. Jay Dickerson (Email: Jay.Dickerson)

    The STELLAR group (STudents and ELderly Linking Around Relationships) strives to develop positive relationships among students and elders within the community. The group focuses on changing negative stigmas associated with elders and students alike and replacing them with positive views of both. Through community based activities the group creates a positive atmosphere and educates students of all majors on the needs of the elderly within the community along with informing them about the many opportunities for careers working with elders.
    ~Faculty Advisors: Dr. Kathy Elpers (Email: kelpers) and Katie Ehlman (Email: mehlman)

Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminal Justice Studies

  • Alpha Kappa Delta (International Honor Society in Sociology)
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Todd Schroer (Email: tschroer)

  • S.A.C. Club
    Involved in various activities of academic and social interest. In the past few years activities have included: trips to prisons, fund raising for charity, a weekend trip to Chicago, and parties.
    ~Faculty advisor: Dr. Melinda York (Email: mryork)

Additional USI clubs