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Journalism (JRN)

Following certain course descriptions are the designations: F, Sp, Su. These indicate the semesters fall, spring, summer in which the course is normally offered and are intended as an aid to students planning their programs of study.

JRN 180 Journalism Workshop (3) Credit for adequate work toward final publication of The Shield newspaper, its Internet site, or for an approved CAP course, doing writing, editing, photography, layout, graphics, sales, and/or management. Students may earn up to three hours credit for this course, but may enroll for no more than one credit hour per semester. No more than three credit hours may be applied to a major or minor in Communications. No prereq. F, Sp

JRN 273 Digital Photography (3) Development in basic skills of mass media photography in a digital environment. Students will use a digital camera to take color photographs and then crop, edit, and produce those photographs in a digital computer laboratory. Emphasis will be on the needs of professional photography as used in print and electronic media. Ownership of or access to an acceptable digital camera is required. No camera phones allowed. Prereq: COMM 192 or consent of instructor. F, Sp

JRN 281 Basic Reporting (3) Basic fundamentals of how to gather and report news events for the mass media in such a way as to be meaningful to the public. Stress is on the need for developing writing skills, learning technical terms, writing feature stories, and other materials in a newspaper. Prereq: sophomore standing. F, Sp, Su

JRN 371 Advanced Photography (3) Students will develop advanced skills in news judgment, composition, composites, animation, and special effects photography. They will learn how to design Web pages that use interactive sites and 360 degree photo techniques and will produce a portfolio of digital images. Prereq: JRN 273 or consent of instructor. Sp

JRN 374 Internet Communications (3) History of Internet, how it works, how to do effective data searches, building Web sites and home pages, establishing links, importing graphics, effective layout and design, scanning photos, doing in-depth research, ethics, legal concerns, and specialty uses. Prereq: JRN 281, or an equivalent writing course such as ADV 347, CMST 301, PRL 362, RTV 256, or consent of instructor. F, Sp

JRN 381 Advanced Reporting (3) An advancement of skills and knowledge gained in basic reporting. Students will concentrate on covering specific beats and generating their own news stories. They will be responsible for assigned beats, learn how to develop sources, and track down rumors as part of the beat reporting process. In addition, students will discuss journalistic issues such as libel, ethics, plagiarism, invasion of privacy, and investigative techniques. Prereq: COMM 192 and JRN 281. F

JRN 383 Editorial Writing (3) Instruction and practice in writing editorials. Lectures, readings, and reports directed toward discovering, gathering, organizing, and writing opinion page material. Prereq: junior standing or consent of instructor. F

JRN 384 Feature Writing (3) Instruction and practice in writing feature articles for newspapers and magazines. Students will be directed to submit articles for publication in magazines. Prereq: junior standing or consent of instructor. F, Sp, Su

JRN 385 Supervision of Student Publication (3) The problems generally faced in supervision of newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and other publications. No prereq. F, Sp

JRN 386 Editing and Layout (3) Study of the entire print reproduction process from idea formulation to designerís drawing board to the printerís finished product. Stressed is the fitting of copy into specific layout spaces, headline writing, art and photo reduction, and overall publications make-up. Prereq: JRN 281 or CPT 275. F, Sp, Su

JRN 388 Online Journalism (3) As traditional media move to the Internet, the skills of journalism students must expand to meet the more intense demands of the Internet. The course will show how traditional newsrooms are merging with Web products. Prereq: JRN 381.

JRN 400 Independent Study in Journalism (1-3) This course is designed to provide an opportunity for upper division communications majors and minors to research subject areas in the field of journalism. A maximum of six hours may be taken; only three may be taken in any one semester. Prereq: 21 hours of communications, upper division status, and written consent of instructor. Students who wish to take independent study courses in the journalism curriculum should be aware of the following points: 1) Only six hours of independent study may apply toward a major in communications. 2) No more than three hours of Journalism 400 may be directed by the same instructor. 3) Students wishing to enroll in independent study courses must receive written permission from their instructors prior to registration. F, Sp, Su

JRN 473 Photojournalism (3) The course will focus on the role of photography in mass communication, particularly print and Internet products. Students will study the process of combining text, graphics, and photographs to produce messages. Students will expand on the skills in earlier classes and produce products including many photographs, such as the photograph essay in a journalism or mass media context. Students will process color digital photography products through computers and modern software. Prereq: ENG 101 and JRN 273 or consent of instructor. Sp

JRN 481 Reporting Public Affairs (3) A journalism capstone course designed to polish the reporting skills of journalism majors. Course work, writing assignments, and class lectures and discussions will focus on the covering of local and state government, the judicial system, the local and state legislative process, and regional agencies. Each student will produce an in-depth, current news series or package on an issue or topic of current interest. Prereq: COMM 192, JRN 281 and JRN 381. Sp

JRN 484 Literary Journalism (3) A study of the presentation of legitimate news subjects and materials in a format that borrows strongly from the techniques of feature writing and fiction. Students will read some of the best examples of published literary journalism, write papers analyzing the reading , and write several small news stories in this format. Prereq: JRN 281 or JRN 384 or ENG 301 or instructor's consent.

JRN 488 Digital Storytelling (3) The study of narrative and expression through digital tools using web authoring, image processing, and drawing and animation software.  Students will use words, pictures, sounds and interactivity to involve and inform audiences through journalistic reports. Prereq: JRN 374 and JRN 388.

JRN 496 Media Ethics (3) This course focuses on the importance of ethical journalism in a free society and the impact of press coverage on sources, victims, news, consumers, and journalists. Students will study the ethical dimensions of responsible journalism, analyze ethical problems, recognize cultural stereotypes, and learn how to ensure that the voices of both mainstream America and traditionally under-reported groups are heard in media reports. Prereq: Junior or senior standing

JRN 498 Internship in Journalism (3) Offers students job experience in journalism through a minimum of 150 hours of supervised professional work. Prereq: juniors standing and consent of instructor. F, Sp, Su

JRN 499 Special Topics (3) Topics will vary. Purpose of course is to cover topics that are not specific courses in the curriculum. Course may be repeated once if the topic is different from the one previously taken. Prereq: junior standing. F, Sp, Su

JRN 581 Reporting Public Affairs (3) A graduate journalism course designed to polish the reporting skills of journalism majors. Course work, writing assignments, and class lectures and discussions will focus on the covering of local and state government, the judicial system, the local and state legislative process, and regional agencies. Each student will produce an in-depth project, package, or research paper on an issue or topic of current public affairs interest. Prereq: COMM 192 or consent of instructor. Sp