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English Composition in the Core Curriculum

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English Composition in the Core Curriculum
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English 100

English 101

  • Course Description
  • Syllabus Template (doc)
  • Handbook (doc) (pdf)
    • Course Description and Placement
    • Course Objectives and Outcomes and Requirements
    • Required Texts
    • How to Use this Handbook
  • Sample Semester Schedules
    • Option A: (doc) (pdf)
      • MWF, TR, Evening
    • Option B: (doc) (pdf)
      • MWF, TR, Evening
  • Sample Unit Plans
    • Option A (doc) (pdf)
      • Chapter 1: Writing Myths and Rituals
      • Chapter 2: Rhetorical Situations
      • Chapter 3: Observing
      • Chapter 4: Remembering
      • Chapter 5: Reading
      • Chapter 8: Explaining
      • Chapter 9: Explaining
      • Chapters 10 & 11: Problem-Solving & Argument
    • Option B (doc) (pdf)
      • Introduction
      • Observation
      • Remembering
      • Explaining
      • Evaluating
  • Sample Assignments
    • Option A: (doc) (pdf)
      • Observation, Description, Evaluations Proposal
    • Option B: (doc) (pdf)
      • Observation, Remembering, Explanation, Persuasion

English 201

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2010-2011 Faculty Handbook

Curriculum Objectives

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101 portfolio Award

River Bend National Writing Project

Dr. Patrick Shaw
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Assistant Director
Audrey Hillyer
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