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Ms. Jenn Horn, MA

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I came to USI after teaching as an adjunct for several years at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus. I hold a Master’s degree in Folklore from Indiana University Bloomington, where my thesis focused on tattoos and women’s narratives about their tattoos. I continue to be interested in tattoos and their meaning (or lack of) in tattooed people’s lives. My other folklore interests include contemporary/urban legends and their constant evolution, narratives and their survival in a digital age, material culture of cemetery monuments and markers, legends and myths, gender-based and gender-biased folklore, and folklore in general.

I also hold a Master’s degree in English from the University of Indianapolis. It was here that I focused my research on teaching composition and finding ways to successfully incorporate my folklore background into writing assignments that would not only interest my students but would also fall within curriculum guidelines. Additionally, I do research on designing assignments with a folklore basis specifically for ESL students and on helping students find ways to successfully work with both their strengths and their weaknesses in writing.

When time and opportunity permits, I enjoy doing impromptu ethnography and visiting with family and friends.












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Phone:  812/461-5205

Office: OC 3038  

Email:   Jjhorn