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ENG 222: Concepts of Good and Evil in Literature
Spring 2010
Dr. Julia Galbus

Catalog description: "A study of literary works from different countries and eras that reflect on the causes, nature, and consequences of good and evil. Special focus on development of ethical principles and decision-making. Meets University Core Curriculum Goal B1: Prereq: ENG 101"

This course will require you to read fiction and essays in order to deepen your understanding of good and evil.  You will expand your appreciation of the range of human behavior, increase your tolerance for human imperfection, and understand how a person can be both morally responsible and willing to strive to be good regardless of current circumstances or past history. Evil makes sense only in contrast to goodness.

This course stands as an alternative to a traditional philosophical course in ethics. We will use fiction and nonfiction to help us discuss and understand what each of us considers to be good behavior, and what is evil, while being mindful of the grey area in between.

Required Texts:
Stephen Batchelor, Living with the Devil.
The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, seventh edition, Ed. Richard Bausch and R.V. Cassill.