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A Student Journal of Arts and Letters

Fishhook Fall 2011

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The FishHook at USI

FishHook, formerly The Aerie, is USI’s art and literary magazine, showcasing the top poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art of University of Southern Indiana students. 

Editors for the 2010-2011 academic year are:

Fiction Editor: Jacob Wood
Nonfiction Editor: Shane Jackson
Poetry Editor: Max Dahlquist
Art Editor: Marie Haddox
Layout & Design: Marie Haddox
Fiction Readers: Lindsey Litteken, Nate Sils
Nonfiction Readers: Karen Mills, Diana Patrick
Poetry Readers: Andy Jones, Nathan Watson
Proofreaders: Andy Jones, Marie Haddox, Lindsey Litteken
Managing Editor: Nicole Louise Reid

2010 Write Away Hunger Poem & Short-Short Fiction Contest Winners

Call for submissions for 2012 issue:

We eagerly await your submission of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or art.  Send writing as a Word attachment and art as a JPEG attachment in an email to  Be sure to include your complete contact information and name.  Deadline to be announced. 

Submissions should include name, address, telephone number, and a Contributor Release Form.

Artists whose submission bears the image of a real living person are required to have their models complete and sign the Model Release Form prior to acceptance of their work.  Please ask your model to visit this site, print out the form, and mail it to the address on the form.

2011 Table of Contents

Chelsea Barber
Bryce Beale
Heath Bowen
Breck Brizendine
Jennifer A. Craig
Amy DeVries
Kayla Ehrie
Zach Evans
Carl Feltis
Zachary Goldbach-Hall
Jeffrey B. Haskett
Sydney Hoffman
Logan Hursh
Rachel Jochem
Megan Morrison
Morgan Opolski
Hyerun Park
David Phillippe
Joshua Pietrowski
John Poehlein
Cory Riesen
Eric Stone
Lauren Smith
Luke Turner
Sarah Bethany Turner
Jillian Wagner
Christopher Wilke
Brian Williams

2010 Table of Contents

2009 Write Away Hunger Prize Winners (Read more >>)

Nicole Wessley ~~ The Art of Lying, 1st Prize
Cassie Poormokhtar ~~ One, Two, Three, 2nd Prize
Cassie Poormokhtar ~~ Chalk, 3rd Prize

Josh Pietrowski ~~ Progress, 1st Prize
Phyllis King ~~ Summer Vacation on Spud Run Road, 2nd Prize
Jennifer Moss ~~ Heartbreak, 3rd Prize
Curtis Nelson ~~ [chaos can be controlled]
Katharine Yoder ~~ Bulwark
Adrienne Steinfeldt Mayse ~~ The Baby Has My Father's Eyes
Alissa Tsaparikos ~~ Silence
Christopher Lynn ~~ The Drift
Carl Feltis ~~ Solid
Andy Jones ~~ ("O, but the fiction!/O, but the fiction!")
Marielle Scheid ~~ Doppelganger
Katharine Yoder ~~ Ice Princess
Lorri Kennedy ~~ Two-AM
Adrienne Steinfeldt Mayse ~~ Earthquake in Haiti

Roger Gude ~~ Matters
Josh Pietrowski ~~ Hands
Denice Perry ~~ Fireworks
Megan Morrison ~~ Stand
Megan Morrison ~~ What's in a Name
David Strange ~~ We're Everything We Thought We Could Be
Kayla Troutman ~~ Swineherd, Eumaeus Monologue
Karen Mills ~~ Games
Whitney Hickman ~~ Something to Salvage
Christopher Lynn ~~ Her First
Jennifer Moss ~~ Air Above Water

Nathan Pietrykowski ~~Preparing for Chemo
Nathan Pietrykowski ~~ A Message from the Divine
Nathan Pietrykowski ~~Dr. Creepenstein
Kayla Troutman ~~ A Soul Unremoved
Kayla Troutman ~~ The Rest Is Silence
Kayla Troutman ~~ Guardian of the City
Meg Scherle ~~ Fields of Shadows

Breck Brizendine, Poetry Editor
Shane Jackson, Prose Editor

2009 Table of Contents

Brooke Renee Armbruster
Casey Blackmore
Breck Brizendine
Chris Connors
Mallory Cook
Melissa Cossey
Katelyn Farmer
Roger Gude
Shane Jackson
Andy Jones
Matthew Kolley
Amy Kozlowski
Lauren Moats
Kimberly Myers
Kelly Robinson
Shawna Rodenberg
Susan Ryan
Crystal Steltenpohl
Cassandra Stichter
Jim Turpen

Carey Blackmore
Lisa Booe
Joshua Brewer
Keri Duckworth
Steven Edwards
Richard Krocker
Ryan Morphew
Gloria Payne
Kelly Robinson
Angela Stevens
Ben Sutter
Sarah Turner
Christopher Wilke

Poetry Editor, Jenni Moss
Prose Editor, Adrienne Rivera
Art Editor, Lorri Kennedy
Layout/Design:  Jenni Moss
Publicist:  Kara Waggoner