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Thomas M. Rivers, D.A.

USI Sailing School  



When: Saturday-Sunday, May 21-22, June 4-5 and October 1-2, 2016

Where: Lighthouse Landing, Grand Rivers, Kentucky

General Information: Your first time out on a sailboat will be more fun if you know some basics.

Before you go:

Sailing is easy. You do not have to be strong or possess special skills; the
speed with which you learn depends on your attitude. The most important
assets are enthusiasm and curiosity- do not be afraid to ask questions.

1. Wear sneakers or nonskid shoes with soft soles- deck shoes are the best. No
black sole shoes.

2. Protect yourself against the sun's powerful rays; they are intensified as they reflect off the water and sail. In warm weather, dress in light clothing, wear a good pair of sunglasses and a sun hat or visor.

3. Bring foul weather gear- rain-gear, warm wool sweater, an extra pair of socks and shoes.

4. Bring a pair of gloves - heaving lines will wear on the hands.

5. If you are prone to motion sickness, it is a good idea to plan to take some medication to prevent seasickness.

6. Carry all gear in soft, weatherproof duffel-type bag. There is no place for rigid luggage aboard a sailboat.

7. The large crafts will be equipped with life jackets. If you have your own personal life jacket, bring it. If you are not a good swimmer you may choose to wear a life jacket while sailing.

8. A text book is not required but is recommended. Any sailing text would be better than none. Most large bookstores carry sailing and boating text.


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