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What you can do with a major in English

English graduates pursue careers in advertising, business, communications, education, media, public service, publishing, sales, and writing. A recent article in Perpsectives, a publication of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington, discusses the ways an English degree prepares graduates for success in many fields, some of them not so obvious ones

English graduates pursue graduate study in English, education, political science/government, public administration, psychology, counseling, communications, business, and religious studies. An English major also prepares graduates for Law School and Medical School. According to the American Bar Association, English is one of the traditional majors for preparing students for the study of law


and practicing attorneys suggest that a traditional liberal arts major like English is the best preparation for Law School


According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, humanities majors like English score above the mean on all three parts of the MCAT exam, and score higher than any other majors on the Verbal Reasoning section of the exam


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