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French Studies Major

30 semester hours (Implementation Date: Spring 2011)

Required courses: 21 hours

Elective courses: 9 hours  (6 hours must be taught in French)

NOTE: FREN 101 and 102 cannot be applied toward a French major or minor.

 French Studies Minor

18 semester hours (Implementation Date: Spring 2011)

Required courses: 18 hours

  Teacher Certification

NOTE: Please review the College of Liberal Arts Teacher Certification Policy.

French Studies Teaching Major

36 semester hours + 33-39 hours of Professional Education courses
(Implementation Date: Spring 2011)

Required courses: 24 hours

Elective courses: 12 hours

French Studies Teaching Minor

24 semester hours (Implementation Date: Spring 2011)
Student must be in a teaching major program to earn a teaching minor.

Required courses: 24 hours

 Concentration-Language and International Trade

Please review the Language and International Trade Program