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LATN 101 Beginning Latin I (3) Fundamentals of the language will be taught through a multiple approach (comprehension, reading, and composition). The class will be conducted in English with emphasis placed on acquiring the ability to read and comprehend written Latin. F

LATN 102 Beginning Latin II (3) Continuation of Latin 101. Continued development of Latin grammar, syntax, vocabulary and reading skills. Introduction to major Roman literary figures and themes of Roman culture. Prereq: LATN 102 or equivalent. Sp

LATN 203 Intermediate Latin I (3) A thorough review of Latin grammar, syntax, vocabulary and reading skills.  Readings in Latin prose and poetry will provide students with an understanding of Roman culture and literature.  Prereq: LATN 102 or equivalent.  F

LATN 204 Intermediate Latin II (3)  Continuation of LATN 203. Review of grammar and syntax will include concepts not covered in Latin 203.  An emphasis on reading Latin prose and poetry to develop students' interpretive skills.  Prereq: LATN 203 or equivalent.  Sp

LATN 390 Independent Study in Latin (3) Independent study of directed readings either of a prose author (e.g. Cicero) or a Latin poet (e.g. Virgil). This course is repeatable (up to six hours). Prereq: successful completion of Latin 204 and consent of the instructor.