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  Degree Requirements

Gender Studies seeks to advance understanding of the meaning and role of gender in social life. Doing so requires looking at gender against the backdrop of cultural, political, historical, and social institutions, and in relation to other influences such as class, race, sexuality, and nationality. As such, Gender Studies is inherently interdisciplinary, with courses offered in numerous departments and schools.

Download Checksheet for Gender Studies Minor

18 Semester Hours

Required Courses ~ 6 hours

  • GNDR 111-Introduction to Gender Studies, 3 hrs.
  • GNDR 333-Perspectives on Gender, 3 hrs.

Elective Courses ~ 12 hours selected from the following courses:

  • CMST 402-Gender, Communication and Culture
  • CMST 427-Family Communication
  • CMST 499-Special Topics: Rhetorical Construction of Family and Gender
  • CRIM 370-Gender & Crime
  • ECON 351-Labor Economics
  • ENG 288-Women in Literature through the 18th Century
  • ENG 387-Women’s Literature and Gender Issues
  • GNDR 449-Special Topics in Gender Studies
  • HIST 311-Women and Gender in America
  • HIST 398-Readings in History: Medieval Women
  • HIST 398-Women and Radical Politics
  • HIST 398-Readings in History: Women in Antiquity
  • HIST 498-Seminar: Women & Gender
  • LIBA 497-Women, Art, and Society
  • LIBA 497-Parents and Children
  • MNGT 444-Managing Diversity in Organizations
  • PHIL 361-Special Problems in Philosophy: Sexual Ethics
  • PHIL 364-Gender and Philosophy
  • PHIL 365-Sexual Ethics
  • POLS 399-Advanced Topics - Gender, Politics and Policy
  • PSY 381-Psychology of Gender
  • PSY 298-Human Sexuality
  • SOC 261-Marriage and Family
  • SOC 370-Seminar: Women and Work
  • SOC 431-Gender and Society
  • SOCW 400-Special Topics: Women and Social Work