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Gender Studies (GNDR prefix)

Following certain course descriptions are the designations: F, Sp, Su. These indicate the semesters fall, spring, summer in which the course is normally offered and are intended as an aid to students planning their programs of study.

GNDR 111 Intro to Gender Studies (3) This course is designed as an introduction to the field of gender studies and with the many ways gender is understood and examined. Lectures offered in a team teaching format, will be drawn fro the humanities and social sciences as well as other disciplines within and beyond Liberal Arts. Prereq; None F

GNDR 333 Perspectives on Gender (3) Drawing from a variety of disciplines, this course is a survey of contemporary and historical theoretical perspectives on gender.  Students will explore how ideas about men and women matter in terms of behavior, relationships, policies, and culture. Prereq: Junior standing and GNDR 111 or consent of Instructor. Sp 

GNDR 449 Special Topics: Gender Studies (3) A means of the study of selected topics of current interest and importance in gender studies. These topics will vary in accordance with the interest of students and faculty. Students may repeat the course with change in topic. Prereq; Junior standing and GNDR 111 or consent of Instructor.