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Michael Aakhus, M.F.A.
Professor of Art
Office:  LA 3005
Phone:  812/464-1855 
Email:  maakhus
Bio/Website >>
Michael Aakhus

Assistant Dean:

Thomas Bordelon, Ed.D.
Professor of Social Work
Office:  LA 3009
Phone:  812/288-5125
Email:  tbordelon
Dr. Thomas Bordelon

Assistant Dean:

Michael Dixon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
Office:LA 3003
Phone: 812/465-1093
Email: mdixon
Bio/Website >>

Dr. Michael Dixon

Phone: 812/464-1855
Fax: 812/465-7152
Fax (English Dept): 812/228-5110
Fax (Social Work): 812/465-1116
Address: University of Southern Indiana
College of Liberal Arts
8600 University Boulevard
Evansville, Indiana 47712-3596


Faculty are listed within their individual departments along with their contact information, office hours, and class schedules:

College Office Staff:

Cynthia C. York
Administrative Associate
Office:  LA 3006
Phone:  812/464-1735
E-mail:  ccyork1

Cynthia C. York
Bobbie Christie
Senior Administrative Assistant
Office: LA 3048
Phone:  812/461-5223
Email: bwchristie
Bobbie Christie
Pam Moore
Senior Administrative Assistant
Office: LA 3001
Phone:  812/464-1855
Email:  PMoore
Picture of Pamela Moore
Arlene Fortune
Coordinator of Academic Advisement
Graduation Checkout
Office:  LA 3094
Phone:  812/465-1102
Email:  arfortun
Arlene Fortune

Staff by Department:


Performing Arts

Virginia Thomas
Administrative Assistant
Office:  TC 207
Phone:  812/465-7047
Email:  vthomas
Picture of Virginia Thomas


Kathy Stroyeck
Administrative Assistant
Office:  LA 3086
Phone:  812/461-5220
Email:  kstroyeck


Center for Interdisciplinary Studies


Gayle M. Jessie
Administrative Assistant
Office:  OC3074E
Phone:  812/465-7128
Email:  gjessie
Gayle Jessie



Naomi Ruder
Administrative Assistant
Office:  LA3044
Phone:  812/461-5219
E-mail:  nlruder


World Languages and Cultures


Political Science &
Public Administration

Whitley Draper
Administrative Assistant
Office:  LA 3059
Phone:  (812) 461-5203
E-mail: wpdraper

Social Work Connie Epley
Senior Administrative Assistant
Office: ED 0125
Phone: 812/465-7158
Email: cepley
Picture of Connie Epley
Social Work Cathy Coomes
Administrative Assistant
Office: ED 0129
Phone: 812/464-1843
Email: clcoomes
Picture of Cathy Coomes

Liba 497 ~ Capstone Studies

Gender Studies

Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminal Justice Studies

Stephanie Hawes
Administrative Assistant
Office: LA 3049
Phone: 812/461-5264
Email:  slhawes
Stephanie Hawes

Center for Communal Studies

Marilyn Thielman
Administrative Assistant
Office: LA 2009
Phone:  812/465-1656
Email:  msthielman
Marilyn Thielman